Although it has been born as literary sort, the utopiaimbrica with historical phenomena consequently dialogue with the politics ecom the social problems. This interconnection seems to be bigger of what it other literary manifestations registradaem. Why? Certainly it was the constant insatisfao of the Utopians who osfez to express and even though to create its ideals. The man is naturalmenteinsatisfeito with he surrounds what it. He is natural of the man to want to move, to improve, to progress; but it was the growth of an ethical and moral conscience that levouMore if to venture with its workmanship being defied its society, the powerful ones deseu time all and a system when displaying its ideals. Thomas Lives, the creator of the word Utopia, that later viriatornar literary sort, lived in a corrupt society, unjust and dishonest.

This probably will have been the necessary fuel the visionary ideas quetivera. It probably lives saw in literature the chance of extravasar suaindignao with what it saw in its return, and the possibility to create, even so only nopapel, a perfect place, making to be born the ideas of communist society. The utopia shows the desnudada society, without you mask and to sempoder. It creates the perspective of the perfect place, without sufferings, egoism and semdores. Perhaps therefore since the sprouting of these thoughts the humanity nocansa to search its form of utopia. Half let us cite Cuba with its communism of maisde century, that was run over by plus a cancer of our society, ocapitalismo. The Utopia could not be only plus a literary sort.

It became non-separable part of the politics, science, of the philosophy, of religioe of all our society why it allows to the man the hope and garranecessria to be able to arise against all form of injustice that lheinquieta, disturbs and unfortunate person makes it. The Utopia opened the eyes of the man for queele could dream. ‘ ‘ The biggest capacity of a human being is of poderindignar itself against all form of injustice carried through against any being humanoem any part of the world to any tempo’ ‘