Voldemor Suspect in Burning of Hogwart’s Castel on Film Set


A fire in the backlot reduced to ashes the castle and caused damage estimated at about $110.000. No team member was injured. The cause of the fire is still being determined.

It was an attack by the evil Lord Voldemor, but a tremendous fires which reduced to ashes Hogwarts castle. Last Friday night, during the filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, one of the main stages of the saga was engulfed in flames. Although not yet clear what caused the fire apparently and according to British media reports, it was during the filming of one of the great battles of the last delivery when the fire originated. For the specialists they went hand in hand with pyrotechnic effects beyond their control ended and calcining decorated much of the mythical located in the English town of Hertfordshire. “We were shooting a scene in which Hogwarts blows up during a battle,” said a source told the newspaper that as the fire ended “Totally out of control.” Two fire crews attended the Friday night at Leavesden Studios and took more than an hour to control the flames that left the castle in ashes and a damage estimated at around 100. 000 pounds (just over 110. 000). Fortunately, more than 100 people who currently works in the studies were unharmed and there were no unfortunate injury. In addition, to calm the fans, should be stressed that at the time of the fire none of the protagonists, or, or nor, were on set filming.