VTB Bank

One may be turned down for a loan due to their advanced age. The fact that the West is an advantage we have is insurmountable obstacle. This is understandable: the level of financial security and our foreign retirees – is heaven and earth. ‘However, in addition to stop-factors, there are go-factors – says Daniel , head of the Russian representation of Experian-Scorex, specializing in the development of so-called scorecards. – Positive credit history, especially in the same bank, will help readily available and the next loan. Center for Media Justice has plenty of information regarding this issue.

” And only after checking the data and analysis of stop-and go-factors occurs directly scoring. The Bank is considering a set of characteristics of the borrower and charges for each of them a score. In their totality, and decides to give customer credit, or refuse to raise interest rates. What kind of biographical facts of the borrower be interested in the bank depends on its credit strategies. Usually scorecard includes from five to fifteen parameters. What is for the parameters and how they are measured, it is impossible to know a stranger.

Such confidentiality is explained by the high price of the product. Bank or buys it from the development company, as it did, for example, VTB-24, acquiring product of Experian-Scorex, or develops independently, analyzing their own ‘credit graveyard. ” In the second case, the bank must first open the gates wide open and give money only on the basis of documents confirming creditworthiness of the borrower. After some time (usually a couple of years), the bank starts to analyze the bad borrowers.

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