Why I Chose A New Volkswagen Polo Sedan Cars ?

First of all, price. Only 399,000 rubles. The amount of this has its value for different people. For some it is – on the seeds, for others – a significant savings over several years, which can dramatically improve their lives. I consider myself to be middle-class employees receiving not very much money. And the sum of 399,000 rubles – this is the money for which I can buy a quite decent car, not even domestic, even if Russian arms gathered workers.

Whatever it was, the Volkswagen – a foreign car. If anyone had told me a couple of years ago, that we will produce the cars, and even I and my relatives will be able to buy them on our payroll, I would not have believed it. And maybe even would think that for such statements are issued special cute gown with white sleeves. But things are changing. Foreign avtroproizvoditeli built in our country, its factories, and it became possible to buy a brand new car is less than for 400 thousand rubles. The new Volkswagen Polo Sedan produced in 2009 at the factory, which was built in Kaluga land. The fact that the budget cars, and besides, adapted to suit our conditions, will produce in this country, I learned in early 2010 year.

The fact that is adapted to our conditions, it is good, but I was worried about the issue price. I thought that the cost of such a car would be like and set up in Germany. But when I saw the amount – do not believe my eyes – 399 000! This lucky that my fears were not confirmed. The creators of the car taken into account, to the delight of the Russians, and the specificity of our roads, and the prosperity of our people. Volkswagen Polo Saloon car was available to the public. I am very happy that good car, released in Russia, all of our requirements and has absolutely all the prerequisites to become a truly people’s car! So I did a long time pondering over the question of the acquisition machine.