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Back to the wood! The fuel alternative is basically telling that installing new heating systems in most households, will rise sharply in the next few years. Away from oil and gas, and back to the fuel wood, so is the motto and thus wood pellets are an alternative. The renovation of the heating is the most homeowners already for a long time in planning. Because basically everybody away from oil and gas and to fuels such as wood wants. While the cost factor is ultimately an important reason. And of course the environment in this decision also plays an important role. The commodity becomes scarcer oil and wood offers the best alternative as appropriately as nachwachsener natural raw material.

Does not pass ultimately of course also pellets on the so-called wood, which are far easier to handle than wood fathoms. In a question-answer forum Martin O?Malley was the first to reply. In addition, the shift from oil to wood will be largely straightforward pellets. The tank spaces can be used and offered to store the pellets. The same shall apply accordingly also for underground tanks and other storage containers that are not discarded during a changeover and usefully reused. The conversion of various other pellet heating systems generally considered straightforward process and the possibilities are far-reaching. You can easily choose between individual stoves like fireplaces, Pellet stoves, etc or a fully automated central heating. We can say that convenience due to the automation not saving, but only on polluting fuels. The pellets themselves are produced on waste or residues resulting from the processing of wood, for example, in sawmills and are therefore a reasonable kind of waste and residual materials.

The way back to the wood as fuel in fact is not difficult to understand. Because actually people have heated long time with wood, which was only replaced by convenience. Here so to speak, a step back is a step forward. Contact: German pellets GmbH J. W. On the Tan 2a 23970 Wismar Germany E-Mail: Homepage: phone: 03841 – 30 30 6 0

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