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Since that this started to be used, in the ends of century XIX, as combustible, it each more important time took a paper. Any doubt does not exist of that the energy is of an extreme importance for the civilization. In fact, it can be said that all the economy is dependent of it. When the sector of transports is observed, for example, more than 90% of fuels used in the world is derived from oil, in accordance with the International Agency of Energia (AIE). It has a strong dependence between the people and coveted ' ' gold negro' ' being in the synonymous present time of ' ' poder' ' wealth. For such problems, solutions in short term do not exist, therefore new forms of energy demand decades of research and development to become economically viable. Up to 2030, according to AIE, the oil and the excessively combustible fsseis will continue to be most of the world-wide energy.

Countries as Japan and France, for example, do not make use of great volume of hdricos resources and have little or no oil. To keep the economy, they import oil and derivatives and, to get electricity, use plants moved with oil and nuclear energy. Thus, it is natural panic reactions when it is said that the oil reserves are close to finishing. The scarcity of the resource would affect the global economy in a brutal way without precedents. But some alternatives exist to brighten up the situation, amongst which the cited one for Ehrlich, would be ones in the ways to adopt: ' ' The economic system also would have to be remodelled of form to reduce the consumption of the rich countries.

Such measure is essential to preserve the environment and not to waste resources you did not renew of planeta' '. (EHRLICH, Paul. The population bomb, San Francisco, 1968).