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The CEO of Alitalia, Rocco Sabelli, CEO of Robert Solena and CEO of Solena Italy Stefano Bugliosi, signed a letter that mark the intention of Alitalia and Solena to initiate a study on the feasibility of building a plant capable of converting municipal solid wastes (biomasses promiscuous) in a significant portion of the fuel of jet you need the Alitalia aircraft fleetWhat ensures the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and provides a stable supply of fuel for the company of airfares. Present at the signing of the agreement was the excmo. WILLER Bordon, Chairman of Enalg SpA, a partner company of Solena controller and Solena Group Italy SpA said that the objective of the study is to assess the feasibility of implementing a system for conversion of hundreds of thousands of tons of municipal solid waste (mixed biomass) into biofuel for planes, in order to meet part of the needs of fuel from Alitaliawhich reduces consumption of fuel for aircraft conventional and as a result of emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere (up to 96%). The use of the technology of the Solena group will produce aviation fuel alternative through a process of gasification at high temperature of the waste, which will be transformed into so-called synthesis gas. This gas is converted into liquid through a chemical industrial process called FischerTropsch. Alitalia and Solena believe that this innovative conversion process can contribute to a significant reduction of the emissions of GHG greenhouse (CO2) generated by the fleet of aircraft. Solena Group also plans to involve national and local authorities in the construction project. The technology proposed by the Solena Group also offers a solution to the problem of the dispersion of solid waste in landfills, avoiding emissions harmful to health and the environment. The agreement between Alitalia and the Solena Group is part of the innovative program called Green Sky which has already seen Solena group cooperate with British Airways for the conversion of significant percentages of solid urban waste in the metropolitan area of London in fuel for aircraft operating at Heathrow.