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Prime Minister Stoltenberg

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Is it has honored the deceased through a religious ceremony at the Oslo Cathedral. The Kings of Norway, Princess, and the Prime Minister have attended funerals. 92 people were killed in double bomb attack in Oslo and the neighbouring island of Utoya. The Norwegian city of Oslo held this Sunday funerals of the dead in the double attack occurred last Friday in the Centre of the city and the neighbor of the island of Utoya. The ceremony came the Kings of Norway, Harald and Sonia, accompanied by Princess Marta Louise, as well as the Prime Minister of the Nordic country, Jens Stoltenberg, attended along with the leader of the labour youth, Eskil Pedersen, who was a teammate of much of the dead in Utoya. In his speech at the funeral, Prime Minister Stoltenberg said that the response to this tragedy is going to be more freedom and more democracy, while he said that he was proud of as it has reacted the Norwegian people before the attacks. At the same time, Stoltenberg recalled that there are still many missing because of the attacks, assuming that there may be even more victims.

Thousands of Norwegians, with clear gestures of pain, also wanted to be present at the last farewell to the victims of the attacks, and under a deathly silence, surrounded the Cathedral of the city. They were joined by onlookers and tourists, impressed by the solemnity of the acts. Last Friday, after a double bomb attack allegedly perpetrated by Anders Behring Breivik, a Christian fundamentalist linked to the far right, killed 92 people, 85 of them on the island of Utoya, where a camp of the Labour Party, the Party of the Government, following an indiscriminate killing, and 7 in the Centre of Oslo, after the explosion of a car bomb in the center of the city was celebrated. Source of the news: Oslo celebrates the funerals of the victims of the attacks amid great excitement

Know the Best Rates on National Flights

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Is Time Of Exit Of The Crisis

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The economic crisis is obvious, there is no one person who has not affected, some more than others, but at the end, after all. The trade demand, the bass, the purchase low sales accordingly declined. Some companies suffered losses greater than others; However, you no give us up, since there are many options to go forward. One of the most recommended by economists options are investment funds. Investment funds is something impossible to achieve, at first because we don’t know what it is for a person who does not study economics, administration or something similar, and second because we do not know how to do it.

For the crisis we do not glue we need get the batteries and not leave that an obstacle as not knowing that he is, leave us out of what economists say a great opportunity of economic recovery. Investment funds is the most basic moves in the stock market is the way to start for all those who want to venture to a new business, in which you can win much but for that you need know. An investment fund is the set of investors who decide to join in a society for a specific purpose. This means that there may be funds that invest in fixed income, shares of companies, equities, etc. Each investor can enter a background depending on your needs and your budget. Thank you funds are groups of people, Monteria investment is lower. It is time to overcome the crisis and regenerate the personal and national economy. Use investment funds to rediscover a new way of earning money.