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The Studies

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Then was that your requirement: finish high school; I finished, I retired from the studies, I devoted myself to the bulls and, six months ago already well started to study again, but as a backup right? Not as my first plan. Q: that first experience was good or bad? I.e., I could be bad, but that has motivated you to follow, or good that you say: in am I’m good and I want to do a: because it was good because I liked it, I don’t know if I did it well or did wrong (laughs). But I liked, having there the calf front (more laughter). Q: at what point of the run feel more adrenaline? A: because it would be before it exited the bull, turning see toriles, since it goes out, and the first capotazo is good as where it downloads everything there. Q: why risk your life before this encounter? Do not you afraid? A: the fear always exists and there will always be, the important thing is to be able to overcome it. And why risk me, well, I don’t know (laughter). Q: did you try any other activity? Football, tennis? A: Yes, all my life, in fact in secondary or high school, they offered me to go to a team here, but something told me that no, it wasn’t that.

Q: How do you feel once it finishes the show? A: when they are triumphs, happy, when it is that I failed with the sword, then bad. Q: but you’re already feeling more rested, or you are still feeling nerves? A: No, no, already more relaxed, resting. As I said, in happy in defeat triumph because it can be sad, that it did not do it well or courage, Yes, rather it is courage. Q: what do think of the people that they are against bullfighting? (Dubious) a: good, each of whom their tastes, one because he respects, because just as there are people who respect us for what we do, we also respect each different culture.