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Network Business

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There are many people talking badly about the MLM. In my experience these people do not speak well of this business model for several reasons: fear of changes. There are people who fear the changes, engage in a business system other than what they know and are accustomed, it involves changes and these, from his perspective, surely involves some risk that are not willing to take. A bad experience with any MLM-based company. Here what failed was not the business system, but its sponsor that probably failed to teach you the fundamentals of the business (it is likely that he either had them clear) or simply ran into a person with no professional ethics.

Just as in traditional businesses, there are people without scruples and ethics in the MLM. He found a pyramid system. People often confuse a pyramidal system with an MLM. No, they’re not the same thing. A pyramidal system is totally illegal. The pyramidal system is based on providing products or services at a price below its market value, or free, with the condition of getting new business customers, who have just formed a pyramid. Basically, the last arriving pays benefits from the first.

Comes a point where the pyramid stops growing and the business collapses. Usually in pyramidal systems requires dealer pay high costs of income to the company. By ignorance. Unfortunately there are people who do not bother to check or compare the information they receive from a source: a friend, a relative, a comment or article in the network, etc. They hear an opinion or even a rumor and already take it for granted that it is true. A coin always has two faces. If we want to have some success in life we must have a certain ability of discernment and eagerness to learn, and go beyond what a person or group of them say (whether good or bad).

Chinese Colors

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Studying the culture of ancient peoples, we find the styles in which color was used mainly as symbols of different social classes or castes, or as a symbolic sign of mythological or religious ideas. In China, yellow – the brightest color – meant for the emperor, the Son Sky. Nobody else dared to wear yellow clothing. Yellow was the symbol of supreme wisdom and enlightenment. If the Chinese put on mourning clothes white, it meant that they were accompanied by the passing into the realm of purity and sky. White was not an expression of personal grief, it was worn, as if helping the deceased attain the supreme kingdom.

If during the pre-Columbian Mexico, the artist used in his compositions figure dressed in red clothing, everyone understood that we are talking about the god of the earth Ksipetotek, and thus on the eastern horizon of its meaning sunrise, birth, adolescence, and scales. In other words, the figure had a red color is not for reasons of visual aesthetics or is of particular expressive – the color was symbolic here, like logos, logogram in shorthand, or hieroglyphics. In the Catholic Church, the spiritual hierarchy expressed in the color symbolism of clothes: purple for the cardinal and white – for dads. For each Church festival priests were put on the clothes prescribed colors. It goes without saying that the truly religious art refers to the color symbolically. When it comes to studying the emotional and expressive impact of color, we appeal to our great masters – El Greco, and Grunewald.

Travel Venice

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Venice is always a good choice for travel, since their channels, has always been inspired romanticism to the tourist who goes in search of a journey of calm and pleasure, it is said that one does not know Italy until you haven’t visited Venice, but in this article, taking advantage of approaching the season, let’s go a little further, because we’re not only going to talk about Venice, but the famous Carnival of Venice, the second most famous Carnival in the world, after the Brazil, that Yes, the most elegant, artistic and classic; because travel to Venice in Carnival’s travel to the past. There is more to see a Venetian mask, the craftsmen who made them, we are talking about real, have preserved the tradition from parent to children the art of dressmaking of the beautiful Carnival mask, one of the many trades that are at the limit of extinction. Learn more about this with Maryland Governor. If you’re thinking about programming this fantastic trip to Venice during Carnival, you have to plan several months in advance, since hotels and flights will be to the full days prior and during the Carnival, with which, taking into account that the carnivals are held in February, must begin planning in December at most take, if we want to travel insurance does not meet up with last minute surprises. The carnivals were banned until 1979, date in which Venice uncovered jar of essences purest, leaving escape lights, colors and shapes of extremely varied, and at this party there are no costumes all at 1, a simple costume can reach all a fortune, but is worth, so 20 million tourists to travel to Venice during Carnival each year are entranced. Risa Miller oftentimes addresses this issue. Not to miss: for example, are a few suggestions that you should not miss if you are going to travel to Venice the canals of Venice, a gondola ride is pure magic, don’t overlook, a dinner in one of the best restaurants of the ancient Italy, Harrys Bar, navigate through the famous lagoon or visit the artisan workshops of Crystal. Enjoy your trip! Original author and source of the article.

The Trojans

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Menelaus, the affected husband, is anointed to bring to the city of Paris, his revenge. A fleet of over 1,000 ships under the command of Agamemnon, King of Mycenae, is organized to start hostilities. Troy, who expected reprisals understandable, is preparing to fight. Ten years took the achaeans to conquer Troy. And in the course of the war, several events, each more disastrous the next, would undermine the forces of one and another.

Achilles, the great warrior achaeus, dies from a wound in the heel caused by an arrow from the bow of Paris, just in the only place that his mother did not protect. Another great loss was the death of Patroclus, intimate friend of Achilles and Hector. Nine ongoing site continued, looting to neighbouring populations, of exhausting and bloody battles, sold out to both sides. The gods had prophesied the destruction of Troy but elapsed time has left serious doubts in the hearts of the achaeans, who were fighting for survival almost. With luck sometimes in favour of the achaeans, and in another, the Trojans, and even with the intervention of semi-gods and gods in the fight only the genius of a different man, Odysseus, would the scale: after the moral catastrophe that meant the death of Achilles, devised a new gimmick: sort the right-handed soldier Epeius build a great wooden horse gift mode and ending the war. Finished the work, the remnants of the Greek army pretended to leave and a Greek spy, Sinon, convinced the Trojans that accepted the horse as an offering of peace and in honor to Athena. The Trojans, despite the warnings of the priest of Apolo Laocoonte and Cassandra, daughter of Priam, King of Troy, willingly accepted the trophy. What they ignored is that within the great equine, hundreds of Allied soldiers waiting for night to attack. The supposed end of the war and the victory of Troy dominated the mood of the city.