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Different Way

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“Personal and individual city walks alongside the Tourist Office of Mulhouse has the example of some other French cities such as Paris, Lyon or Nantes following a so far unique in eastern France network of greeters” launched. This novel tourist offer to give visitors who wouldn’t come through Mulhouse, an incentive to extend your stay in the region and make Alsatian hospitality experience. Now, engaged citizens take tourists free of charge on a thematic walk through their town and make individual experience beyond classic city tours to visitors Mulhouse. In contact with the greeters, they can advance from the Web site. A Greeter, what ehanaypol? A Greeter is a person who actively participates in urban life and wants to share her passion for the town and region.

As unconventional and an honorary City Guide and Ambassador for his city, he allows visitors into a Time frame of about two hours on unique individual to meet authentic and convivial way. In the foreground are the human experience and cultural exchanges. It is not so to a tourist guide in the strict sense. Can take any of the service of greeters in claim: families, small groups of friends, couples, business because the idea of the concept is based on the personal contact between people, should not exceed the number of visitors group six persons and one or more of the participants must be 18 years of age. The variety of topics which are no limits: art, culture, nature, sport, gastronomy, a culture avid Greeter can show a visitor for example places, the real insider tips, and are to be found in any travel guide by the literary Cafe to a unusual and little-known event. What all Greeter stands out? Especially actively participate in urban life, are possibly members of local clubs, like go out curious and enterprising, and have the desire to experience their city. At present, there are 14 greeters in Mulhouse with whose help a dynamic, innovative and friendly image conveyed by Mulhouse and given the opportunity to be tourists, become acquainted with the wealth of the city beyond of the beaten path.

How does it work? Curious visitors enter via a special website with the greeters in contact. There you fill in a questionnaire in which they describe preferences and specify what they would like to see during their visit from the city: an Innviertel, parks and gardens, shopping bargains, local businesses a free Greeter, the Profil of request is equivalent to then tried the tourism office to find. Is guaranteed: every meeting is unique and tailored to the individual visitor. The newspapers mentioned John Mclaughlin not as a source, but as a related topic. What’s Special: The stroll alongside a greeters is free of charge for the visitors, the Greeter can assume neither pay nor tip. This confirms the trend that is emerging, Tourist offers innovative and individually to design away from standardization and self-interest, towards quality. How come? Launched the institution of the greeters was the big Appel in 1992 in New York City by Lynn Brooks, by”intimidated visitors by meeting with residents the city fear this was going to take. Today, there are 13 different greeters organizations in 7 countries on 3 continents. In 2005 they have Greeter network to the International Federation global”joined together. Members of the network can share about their experiences and make sure that the three basic principles of gratuitousness, knowledge of the city and hospitality are preserved. Press contact: Cornelia Eccles spokeswoman Alsace Tourism c/o ATOUT FRANCE Zeppelinstr Ahornallee 37 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone: + 49 (0) 69 97 58 01 32 E-mail: Internet: Alsace

Sysob And Blue Coat Make WebFilter Cloud Service Threatpulse In Webinar Before

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VAD informed about security from the cloud Schorndorf, may 05, 2011 due to the great success of the first webinars to Blue Coat Threatpulse on 19 April ( and its Blue Coat of the interactive online presentation partner repeat distributor (VAD) of value added sysob. On May 18, 2011, at 10:00, the blue introduce coat specialists the new cloud service that protects companies of any size in real time against digital dangers. The solution also enables the filtering of Web content, as well as a granular access control for Web 2.0 applications. The first webinar on the new Blue Coat security solution from the cloud met with great interest: the participants of the online presentation provided the organizers numerous questions, where the security of cloud services most frequently came into the language. In this respect the speakers but could address all concerns, because the Blue Coat solution offers a complete Web business of any size to small companies. John Mclaughlin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. A Another advantage is that applications, servers and user desktops must not be updated. Present in the Webinar on the 18.05.2011 at 10:00, Thomas Oltmanns (Blue Coat Senior systems engineer) and Rainer Greissl (sysob product manager for Blue Coat) the solution from the cloud in a live demonstration.

In addition they explain how the product can be positioned and how participants can become Blue Coat cloud partner. Including question and answer session, a duration of about one hour is scheduled for the German-language online seminar. Scanning, filters, rules, and logging at Blue Coat Threatpulse, as a logical complement to existing hardware-based solutions as SaS (software as a service) offered, the user benefits from various protection mechanisms, such as for example the dynamic malware detection in real time, as well as a comprehensive Web content filtering. In addition, administrators with granular control can individually restrict the use of Web applications. While it allows them Additionally, policy management to regulate network access.

Tellaclick – Bonus Program Leaves Beta Test Version

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Point credit depends on the partner shop. It is made usually within a few days, in rare cases up to 8 weeks. Share in the bonus programme: In the bonus program by tellaclick the possibility to recommend friends and acquaintances from Facebook and Twitter partner shops and products. The friends should thus be animated for sale. Registers a purchase due to the recommendation of the bonus program, the recommended bonus program receives user same number of points as if he would have bought the product itself. Cashback action in the bonus program: in addition to online purchases and referrals in the bonus program, which work on the basis of purchases, it is also possible for free registration, test uses and newsletter registrations among the partners to collect points. “On the home page and in the section of Cashback action” many actions which can be found can accumulate points as soon as possible.

What is new about the appearance of the tellaclick bonus program? The relaunch of the site brings both technical, offer specific and designmassige Changes. Core of the bonus program portal is the intelligent search mask. Search terms are sorted by relevance as you type and suggested. The query within the optimized database, in which there are more than 400 online shops and over 20 million products, takes place within fractions of a second. The bonus program, users can switch between the shops and the associated products within the search results. In addition, you can associate bonus program database for points and prizes all results from the. The result of a small shop and product comparison is therefore obvious. The new corporate design of the site is much: it’s pleasing, harmonious, and serious.

Not for nothing, the founder of the portal have left the complete presentation together with the structure and composition of a reputable Agency. The new presentation has already been paid off. Drum, visit today and save 5 euro credit, which will be paid for the re-registration. The bonus program by tellaclick: buy with skill! More Business fields for the points in the bonus program are recommending and the cashback action.

Choose Keywords

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Choosing the right keywords? Today the choice of keywords is essential for search engine optimization, keyword position but actually attract potential customers can be a difficult task in terms of resources and time. An example of a keyword that could be used for a web design company that will attract potential customers but with very little competition, it is a keyword that has an average of 90 searches per month which has a 10% competition, when to choose the keywords to consider several factors such as competition from the keyword search volume per month and attracting potential customers. We have to identify the keywords that make our clients and us that we should not be competing with most companies in the same sector. We should not underestimate the keywords that only have one monthly search volume of 10 people, why?

Very simple, imagine that your website comes in the premium position for the keyword, these are 10 monthly searches 10 visits from potential customers who do not have to compete with a large volume of business. For example if you only compete for one keyword, web design and professional web design, first cost us a lot to reach the top and once reached the first position, we will have to compete with the top 20 results, not only compete with the 20 but in addition, companies compete for a generic keyword which has a lot of competition, meaning that sometimes we have to identify more key words that are not as generic but they can actually provide better results in terms of search engine optimization and customers. Tool to use for the selection of keywords is free. Please visit Michael Chabon if you seek more information. and.

Steven Covey

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We have to decenter us and think like our customers, think colleagues or employees, about us, investigate their behaviour and how they see us. Do not care how important are our motives, people read us by what they see and hear, not by what we want them to see and escuhen. Our ability to understand how people see us and listen (our communication style) is critical for effective communication. We are protagonists and not simple spectators: there are three types of people, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. We must participate, engage and commit ourselves. Let’s be leaders of what we can change, participate in what we can influence, and accept the changes.

What’s optimal is the enemy of the good, let’s try to avoid the syndrome analisis-paralisis, if we are too perfectionists we will let passing opportunities, given that speed and quick response is a competitive advantage. It is absolutely essential for any project give confidence, credibility, be predictable and build relations of medium and long term. Avoid the syndrome of fireman turning constantly fires (reactive and not proactive attitude) distinguishing important from the urgent. We are always taking actions, whether we like it or not, whether by action (proactive) or omission (reagent). As said Steven Covey proactivity refers to that before each stimulus from the environment, we have the ability to decide the answer we want to give. We are not slaves of the actions of others or our emotions, but that we are responsible for our behavior.

Conclusion this article was intended to demonstrate the keys that allow project, differentiate and to a professional position as if it were a brand, with own profile in competitive and changing contexts such as the usual project manager. In short a professional is a product that is inserted in a given market, with certain conditions and rules of the game that there is to know. Whether we like it or not, our professional practices are masked and embedded in certain types of markets and we represent products and services bought and valued by others. Two conclusions: firstly, if not actively think about creating your own brand, other people and companies will do so by you, either by what Google says about you when people look for their name or what they say their co-workers. Your brand is being created, is just a matter of whether or not to participate in the process. On the other hand, the places that you choose, or not to wear their brand, they also say something about to yourself. Do you use LinkedIn? Facebook? Plaxo? None of the above? Networks in particular (or lack of them) can have effects on your career. Secondly, the explosive growth of blogs and personal web pages, give the possibility to differentiate much more strong than ever online. Find an appropriate niche and Excel in the same has become increasingly more important. Finally, it is also not to exaggerate. Although it is good to think constantly about how to make a mark or personal style, all are still individuals, and not a creation of a company or an individual that there is more than just to sell their attributes. The idea of making a mark is good but should be taken responsibly and in moderation. It is we work on ourselves to achieve coherence between what we are and what we want to be and in enabling that other people (our clients) perceive the same thing that we want to transmit. Original author and source of the article.