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Fuel Supply

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If this value does not fit into the limits of 0.04 … 0.08 MPa, replace the discharge valve or a spring. To adjust the angle of the start Fuel injection pump data to twist nipple discharge valve, remove it from the seat and install a special device. Novelist follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Turn the drive stand, define the lowest position the plunger, then rotate cam shaft in accordance with the direction of rotation, set the plunger stroke corresponding to the tabulated value (5,45 0,05 mm). Commit to meet this camshaft angle at the calibration drive stand. Remove the special tool and install the discharge valve, spring, pressure fitting and momentoskop. Rotate the drive stand clockwise fill it with fuel and locate the position of the cam shaft with a start fuel flow, defined by the beginning of the movement of fuel in a transparent tube momentoskopa.

The corresponding value of the angle of a calibration disc must match the recorded previously. At Adjust the angle of the beginning of the fuel, varying the thickness of the package of shims placed under the discharge flange of the section. When the palm lever knob in limiting bolt maximum speed limit a preliminary adjustment of the start off the fuel supply. The beginning of the movement in the direction of rail injection pump off the fuel supply must comply with the tabulated value. In Otherwise, adjust the bolt Perform limit the maximum speed limits. Check the value of the fuel injection pump sections at nominal conditions at air pressure 0.8 MPa in a cavity in the membrane of the corrector boost. The uneven supply of sections shall not exceed the allowable 3%. If necessary, adjust by turning sections of the fuel pump housing or change in the number of shims under the body of the corrector.

At position control lever in the bolt on the palm of limiting the maximum velocity of the south- mode, check that the speed of extinction supply willow tabulated value. Adjustment by changing the preliminary (and springs, then check off the fuel supply lever new. If you reject the lever stop at 40-45 from the starting position the fuel supply from all nozzles at all speeds cam shaft and at any position, "aha control knob must be completely shut down. With the appropriate maximum torque speed feed willow and an air pressure P = 0,8-5-1 MPa cyclic test the supply of fuel to re-clipping. Adjusting the stroke of the corrector spend the castellated nut cor-ora. Tightening torque spring corrector is limited to the inner nut straight khorektora. Adjustments in antikorrektora According to the tabulated data make changes preload springs back corrector nut and bolt of the restriction of his

RPM Fuel

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In these times of international economic crisis that has become more important savings on all fixed costs such as gasoline. Here is a list of points to be followed to ensure lower fuel consumption: A) Check the pressure levels of your tires. Over-inflation of your tires reduce the efficiency of your gasoline consumption. B) The power of new or recent, there needs to be “heated” for a long time during winter. C) The cost of a pitch is usually much less than the cost of excess fuel consumption of a vehicle not in tune. Ecology also will thank you, tune your vehicle. D) in standard vehicles, change your “speed” with low RPM’s. We tend to keep the “speed” to build up acceleration, but this tends to force the performance of the engine and spend a lot more fuel.

E) When you travel plans for each route to take, the difference in fuel consumption can be large. F) In large vehicles can be little things, but when we do not need, others just make us spend. Go down the things you do not need to bring with you anywhere, magazines, trash bags or backpacks, the list may be large. G) controls the acceleration of you. At the boot after a “high”, the excess speed causes high RPM’s, which is bad, but once started to walk slowly speed is even worse. H) in the remote sometimes touch you wait for the passage of the train, you know it you’ll be waiting more than five minutes, turn off your engine. Follow these simple points, is a good start, but if you are about to purchase a vehicle, check its specifications, the fuel efficiency of the engine can not improve, so choose well.

Energy Technology UMSICHT

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“Fraunhofer spin-off Greasoline developed bio-fuel from old fat since the abortive attempt to establish E10 gasoline in the market, is the subject of the bio in the tank” omnipresent. Scientists research for years on the production of fuel without the use of fossil fuels. Stood so far ecological raw materials, which require no complex treatment processes and in large quantities available are also in focus. A procedure have developed researchers of the field of BIOFUELS at the Fraunhofer Institute for environmental, safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT, which allows the production of high-quality biofuels from old grease and oil residues. To deepen your understanding Bernie Sanders is the source. The benefits of this process: The raw materials utilized are no competition with food supply and at short notice available in large quantities and with reduced CO2 emissions. In August 2011, the scientists with support from Fraunhofer venture founded the Greasoline GmbH to the marketing of this patented technology. The world’s increasing demands on mobility her tribute: the limited available fossil raw materials for the production of fuel are becoming increasingly scarce, however, prices rise steadily. Also the high CO2 emissions are increasingly both political and social discussions. For even more analysis, hear from Novelist.

The introduction of new alternative fuels should mitigate these problems, was however first and foremost mistrust and insecurity among the population, because partial modifications of the vehicle drives were required and the market introduction of fuel was not well communicated. Bio jet fuel to meet high quality requirements are and the date materials are suspected to be involved in the deforestation of the rain forest. For these reasons the automotive and aircraft industries as well as the mobile population is interested in the production of high-quality biofuels for a long time, which reduce the above mentioned problems. Waste-to-fuels process allows the use of alternative substitutes the founding team of Greasoline GmbH has successfully developed a technology developed, which enables the production of high-quality fuels from bio-based oils or fats of any quality is possible without use in hydrogen or conventional catalysts.

German Central Bank

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The collective demand of IG metal is not a good thing for Germany’s savers for the in the industry make however. Wage settlements in this magnitude incite inflation and devalue many savings. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, who has experience with these questions. Closed-end real estate funds like the SHB funds offer a way out. What report different media, about the financial times Germany (FTD) or the mirror, these days, would have to drive actually beads of sweat on the forehead Germany’s pension savers. Leading economists expect a significant tightening of the inflation rate. It will be discussed depending on the starting position between four and six percent. Economically, this is however to bear.

Finally imbalances in the European Union need to eliminate urgently, which is expressed, for example, in the current-account balances of member countries. In fact, especially the Mediterranean countries import far more goods than they can strike even in foreign markets. That Germany is a particularly powerful exporter, is directly to the Wage moderation of the past years together. But it seems now closing, high wage settlements and wage claims show how up-to-date. So to ask about the IG metal an increase of 6.5 percent.

And know this precisely the German financial Minister behind, who recently called for a clear plus in the pay packet at the employers in collective bargaining. “What that means for millions of pension savers who lead their balances such as life insurance or as a fixed deposit, explains Hans Gruber, real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG): If inflation is actually climbing up in the so-called magnitude, the value of the invested capital is dwindling even more clearly than in the past.” Actually is the inflation rate calculated by the German Central Bank, currently at 2.6 percent, the perceived inflation is expected for many German citizens but still significantly higher. 2012 according to savers compass Germany “of the Bank of Scotland put but still always 63 percent of Germans as a priority on savings.