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Pokhara Village

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After half a year of construction 2010 solemnly opened the new building with four rooms and two toilets. In autumn 2009, the Himalayan help Freiburg e.V. has started together with the circle of friends of Nepal aid to build a new kindergarten with integrated primary school, home tasks and play therapy rooms in the children’s village Bhakunde. After half a year of construction the new building with four rooms and two toilets was inaugurated 2010 of course with the symbolic cutting of the tape. The new kindergarten provides an inspirational new learning environment now 66 children.

The children, who are all characterized by traumatic events and abject poverty combines the fate, get a school and vocational training and be medically supervised. They are recorded in the age between 5 and 7 years in the children’s village. Through 3rd grade, they go in the kindergarten, where two teachers are supervised and taught in the morning and in the evening. Then, they then visit the Shanti Secondary School outside the village of children. The children’s village Bhakunde is located 6 km north of Pokhara and is under German management. Founder and Director, Alexander Schmidt, Chairman of the friends of Nepal aid, there a chance at a better life since 2001 over 100 children. Four children and three guest houses, a health station, a tailor, the library or the adjacent Shree Shante Secondary School impressively show the development of the children’s village. This fact was also recognized this year by the Nepalese Government.

It has classified the project together with the SOS Children’s village in the highest category of social organizations in Nepal. The financing of the projects of the Himalaya help Freiburg e.V. takes place primarily through the sales of an annual calendar, which brings closer to the lives of people in the Himalayan regions, or the beauty of the highest mountains of the Earth with different themes. The current calendar “Himalaya 2011″ motto is a visit to the children’s village Bhakunde”. 12 children of the village tell your life story and from January until December, imagine how it looks where they live.

Bienvenids Virtual Office

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The number of companies that offer virtual employment, or telecommuting, in Spain and Latin America, is greater every day. But there are still those who choose the traditional system, either by the nature of their work, preference of its executives, or simply fear take a step towards the future. Something similar happened with physical mail, which can be chaotic and little precise by nature, and the e-mail, whose worst delay may be only a few minutes. Virtual employment is one of the greatest benefits that the Internet has brought to humankind, giving opportunities to millions of people who previously had no access to many benefits. Perhaps check out US Senator from Vermont for more information. Although in United States and some European countries virtual employment is already common, in Spanish-speaking countries still it is a novelty, which continually gaining more fans by the efficiency of its results, and saving resources for businesses. There are those who still think that earn money online, work from home and telecommuting are English-speaking people. The truth is that in States United there is a market of around 40 million Spanish speakers who prefer to communicate in their mother tongue. This implies that any company that wants to reach this market must speak the same language.

Daily, offers virtual employment who have interest in working in this way. In addition, Latin America and Spain have traditionally closely followed trends in the North American market, and they have proven the benefits of their strategies. This is why that, labour markets, of supply and demand of products and services, will be huge in a short time. There are several specializations in high demand in the growing world of virtual employment. The most requested are usually those related to the development of computer applications, graphic design, and specializations of marketing, as the marketing for social networks, marketing, Internet, and virtual assistants. The best paid are undoubtedly those relating to marketing because they give great benefits to the companies, who soon see increases in their sales online and receive a greater number of visits to their Web pages.

People who specialize in marketing careers are the best paid, and of course, their services are frequently used. You can not only be working on the network. Here there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs. Naturally, there to learn the secrets of the Internet, dive into the entrails of the monster to find out how it works. The training is crucial for entrepreneurs. Keep up to date with the trends in technology and market strategies, is essential if we want to go far. As Spanish speakers, we have a good advantage, because we know the preferences and customs of our market. In Latin America and Spain, there is a market with enormous potential for every entrepreneur of the 21st century. Success depends on training, persistence, and always a step forward, because the future has arrived and is here to stay.

Sydney Opera House

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Flickr CC Eduardo Mariz a. Despite the geographical distance and the ideas that might have, Australia is an affordable country for any tourist, even those who have few economic resources. An essential stop for those who want to get to know Australia, is Sidney, that even to be a cosmolita city, it is easy to find suitable accommodation or cheap hotels. Sydney not only is characterized by being the largest city in Australia, but included in the major cities of the world ranking, as regards quality of life. Many people tend to associate quality of life with higher prices, but it is not the case of this city, which has a network of hotels, hostels and economic hostels, that Yes, the traveler must be clear when choosing your hosting is: interests and activities that you want to perform, because the offer is a lot, in terms of price and quality. Travelers can enjoy the many leisure proposals having Sydney, as: parks, beaches, social and night life that go hand in hand with his proposals of culture, like visiting the building of the Sydney Opera House one of the most emblematic buildings of modern architecture, is also the Museum of Sydney. For this reason, Sydney has become the point of interest of the websites dedicated to tourism and booking.

The Linear

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Think begins by neglecting the linear paths, because the straight road will always lead to the same place, usually the failure. If we think we establish connections, we created a network of interactions, we look at our particular circumstances from all angles. This could lead us to set aside a reductionism that sees only the facade of a historical process, which in turn leads us to despair seen failure after failure-that we can translate as the belief in the irreversibility of what we face. The opposite of linear is circular. Otherwise the paradigm that does not is thinking that rejects the separations, what we can call polarization at a particular time.

We could translate it as abandonment of Tomas photographic snapshot and its replacement by an idea of permanent flux. Perhaps we should learn that our current paradigm takes us to look in a simplified manner. Therefore I have said on numerous occasions, the realities are constructed. That is, reality can be no more than our interpretation of it. It is possible that we thus learn that reality does not have a single cause and which causes can Enter to change it. And it is therefore also that I’ve insisted on determining the language. The useless paradigm produces one and the substitute is obviously a new one, one that begins by isolated individuals, but how good can be transformed in common and identity for the qualitative leap towards the new reality.

When it becomes obvious in all obviousness that qualitative leap required so-called change must look carefully the specific paradigms with which we’ve watched the political reality and real reality that we have helped forge with our own eyes. Perhaps if we look at the reasons for the other can begin to abandon the ghetto and into the ghetto our fractional existence. I.e., a reunion with the whole process. If we want to call it otherwise do with the word unit, only that it is not confined to the field of parties, even less so when they are absolutely weakened and conform simply in a stacking of acronyms.

River Paje

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They are Jose of Egypt de Pernambuco started in 1830 for initiative of some farmers of the headboard of the River Paje, in Forest fires, southern valley of the Mountain range of the Borborema and point of confluence of the Stream They are Filipe with the river Paje. Construiram a dedicated chapel of taipa Is Jose, what it determined the formation of a population in the small farm. It has three lguas, to the east, in the old farm of Are Peter, already it had another old chapel of this invocation, of the previous century, which is origin of a town in the place. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from John Mclaughlin. Its inhabitants turn with bad eyes the spring town and had judged to be one of the elements of its prosperity, capelinha, also at the same time object of decay of the other. Others had become incorporated and destroyed it. Shortly afterwards, another chapel was raised the southwest more below of the chapada one where she was the demolida one, being the greater reconstructed with bricks. Michael Chabon understood the implications.

The inhabitants of Forest fires, today Are Jose of Egypt, resisting again before new attempt of destruction of its templozinho for the inhabitants of Are Peter, they had made these to withdraw vain of the uselessness of its processes you disapproved. Forest fires were growing and equally the decay followed the old population of Is Peter. In 1838, Incio of the Birth of Souza, local proprietor made donation of the necessary land, to build a Church ampler and capable to serve better to the interests of the cult. A missionary capuchinho there arriving in 1839, with the demolition of the existing one, fincou a new Church, not only with the aid of the giver of land and one of the local founders, as well as of the popular munificincia, being only finished the workmanship of the faade in 1865.

Tips For First-time Parents

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How will it change my life? The decision of being a father is one of the most important things in the life of a person. Matter what the age of the father or his marital status, will surely affect your life in many aspects. Particularly the relationship with your partner deepens and will create a very strong tie for many years, even in cases where the couple does not already exist. Entering fatherhood, can be a very optimistic period in your life, offering new social, emotional and financial challenges. Other problems and difficulties to solve may also encounter, but the happiness of being a father for the first time will be one of the most enriching experiences of your life. How will I feel during pregnancy? In general all parents go through the same experiences during pregnancy.

Below we explain what can be your emotions in this wonderful stage. News of pregnancy parenthood carries emotions at their deepest levels. If they were looking for a pregnancy, when you hear the first news that your partner is pregnant will surely feel pleasure, confidence and pride both as father and also as man and always begging for your future projects that are related to your paternity. The early months of pregnancy during the first months of pregnancy the physical reality of the baby will be much more palpable in your partner. You will surely take a time add your child to your current reality.

When the situation becomes conscious, sometimes it can be a shock and you can feel that now yes there will be changes in your life. You can be proud and happy, but it is also true that often fear can feel to these new challenges. The sense of abandonment sometimes this transition to parenthood can be difficult and is associated with a tendency to depression, or feeling a little abandoned by the couple.

Gomez University

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The maximum Gomez University of Ciego de Avila, Centre of higher education, located 9 kilometers of the road from Ciego de avila to Moron, is an institution that from the day in which our brothers were convicted unfairly, are participants in the demand for the release of the five Heroes through different activities that take place in the Centrewhich have resulted in the creation of a Committee Pro release of five Heroes in the University community. It was made on 12 December 2002, the visit to this House of higher studies of the families of these young fighters against terrorism. This Committee is made up of 350 members of the headquarters, where students and Cuban workers, integrated it as well as foreign students from different Nations, mostly Latin Americans, Africans and Caribbeans. Highlights that although the rest of the students and workers are not committed to such a Committee, it does not mean that they are uninterested by this cause, on the contrary, these support the Committee actively participating in any action that is performed, both on campus and beyond, mainly supporting these courageous men, with correspondence with the author. This University was founded on September 18, 1978 starting his teaching activities in the same year, as an integral part of the network of centres of higher education in the country, becoming the number 12 and the third established specialist in the agricultural branch. At age 30 after started their academic activities significant sample and sustained results in multiple spheres of action which constitute object of their actions and aims today, amid a complex century that just starting, to continue to contribute in searching for projects that generate values in generations that the nation puts into their teaching and research facilities. Among the faculties that comprise it are: agricultural sciences, engineering, computing, humanities and social sciences, economics and law, where the cloisters of prestigious professors have been able to guarantee the exit of thousands of professionals. .

RPM Engine

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Tips for low-consumption driving of the winter is coming. While the temperatures drop in the cold months, shoots the fuel consumption. Germany’s big Autopportal reveals some tips that can reduce consumption by up to 20 percent. On unnecessary short-haul, like the trip to the nearest post box, is to renounce completely in the winter. Just in the first few kilometres, fuel consumption according to the oil company is Aral immensely high. By the lack of through rites also of engine wear is particularly strong.

For small distances is to make the car better and walking. The wintry weather has yet more problems for the consumption. Before the journey, the car must be often freed from snow and ice. This, it is advisable to use de-icer spray instead of a scratch the discs. The subsequent rinse with water ensures the ideal perspective.

In this way may be waived the rear window defroster and associated increased fuel consumption. A modern engine needs no warm-up time. Therefore, unnecessary downtime when running engines should be avoided. Switching off the engine is worth starting a period of 15 seconds. Still should be switched during the first 20 minutes of driving time, so at 2,000 RPM in the next aisle. Unnecessary acceleration and sudden braking or only provide increased consumption and wear. At the next shop visit, motorists should revert to a light oil. With the high-performance lubricant, fuel and electricity can be save. Also can be checked in on site also equal to the air filter, the lambda probe and the spark plugs. Who was travelling, should remember to remove unnecessary “Ballast” like roof racks. More information: ../Ratgeber-Spritsparend-Auto-fahren-im-Winter contact: Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Fuel Stop SMS Service

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New price registered new speed dial number 83283 – the new SMS-service stations service for autogas driver up to 30 requests per day. This reports the company InterMedia in Ratingen, which offers this service. Due to the great interest of the user, it was possible to lower the prices. Martin O?Malley recognizes the significance of this. To do this, it is necessary to choose a new speed dial number. More information undergoes autogas the autogas driver on the website.

Motorists who drive LPG instead of gasoline with the low-emission fuel alternative, need only a mobile phone thanks to this service facility to get at any time on the shortest path to the next position of the tank. There must be only a SMS with the password LPG”and the license plate of a circle (such as f’ for Frankfurt) or with a place (such as Birmingham”) to the SMS service number 83283 be sent. A reply SMS of addresses, telephone numbers, opening times and directions to the nearest LPG filling stations in the requested region informed only a few seconds later. More selections are possible (for example gas stations on a highway or a highway). A short guide to the SMS query”can download autogas driver from the Internet site and put in their glove compartment. The nearest LPG filling station is always only an SMS away. The cost is 0.99 Euro per request plus transport costs of the respective operator. Sebastian Lemke

Alternative Fuel

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For the usage of this new fuel from the House of the CEHATROL, a variety speaks fuels EC of reasons. Freudenberg, 18.02.2010 – for the usage of this new fuel from the House of the CEHATROL mentions a variety of fuels EC reasons. Synthetic diesel fuel is not ‘alternative’ fuel, because it neither changes the infrastructure on the engines required. However, he greatly improved their properties in terms of life cycle assessment and sustainability. Not only since the last oil crisis, which left the prices of gasoline and diesel fuel significantly in the amount of fast, you need to think about possible alternatives to motor vehicle fuels. So also the Institute for internal combustion engines and automotive engineering at the Technical University (TU) Vienna. A study examined the environmental impact and the cost of natural gas alternatives compared to the conventional fuels gasoline and diesel fuel. The result at a glance: Compressed natural gas is ecologically superior especially in city traffic.

Synthetic Diesel fuel, however, scores on the basis of the existing gas stations and vehicle infrastructure in the economy. Produced the synthetic diesel from biomass he has the edge considerably. We drive.”is just as challenging as appropriate motto of the team of the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC I.g.. in Brandenburg, Germany. What does the cooperative on the legs, almost sounds like the well-known fairy tale: Although no gold, but diesel fuel – is produced from straw according to DIN EN 590 – won. Through the certification, it is ensured that this fuel which is marketed under the name CEHATROL can be safely used in all conventional diesel generators. Helmut Uhlig