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Mannering Dynamics

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I taste of me. I accept the people as they are. I accept in my mind and my body each feeling, each sensation. The fear is irrational and most of the time it does not need to exist. I can reduce and estresse to control it, breathing and relaxing my body. I can be direct and objective with the people taking care of my will and respecting the dignity of the others.

It is my responsibility to make with that feel I me well. I can have the control on my emotions. I interpret the facts. They are not bother who me, but, as interpret I them. I can the same make a good or bad interpretation of fact. What the people to say are important for they, I can listen, can agree or, not necessary not to annoy me, I can always say that not accepted that point of view. I do not need to be approved by all the entire time.

In the life the ideal point is of the balance. Thoughts of the type ‘ ‘ everything or nada’ ‘ it must be outside of our mental and physical behavior. I can place me in first place some times. I can commit errors, this it is part of the human being. I can be the final judge of my feelings and to accept them as legitimate. Diamond Book Distributors has many thoughts on the issue. I can have my proper opinions and certainties. I can say what I think, what I feel and what I want, without criticizing or judging nobody. I can move of idea or follow a different course in each action. I can protest against unjust critical treatment or. I can interrupt the people to ask for clarifications. I can negotiate changes. I can ask for aid or emotional support I can feel and express pain. I have the right to receive reconhecimentos for my work and accomplishments, however, they are not essential to my survival. I do not need to foresee nor the necessities, nor to assume the problems of the others. I can not react to a situation. I can ignore the advice of the others, as well as I can ignore my advice. The problems in many times have a solution and I go the search of this solution when it exists, beyond everything, I do not need to know everything and nor to have the absolute control above all. It calmly walks between the racket and the haste and remembers that the peace is in its mind, for this breathes and relaxes when to feel sinewy. As much as possible without if relieving or resigning, is in peace with all the people. It says its soft truth and clearly, it hears its fellow creatures same the ignorants; they also have its history. It prevents aggressive and the barulhentos ones, therefore its conviviality is laborious and harmful for the mind. If it does not compare with the others; this can become it worse vain person and trifler or bitter taste, times that always will have better people or that you. It in such a way usufructs its accomplishments how much of its plans; either interested in its career. Either you yourselves, especially. Not it dissimulates affections nor neither either cynical regarding the love. It does not manipulate the feelings of the others for you! Exactly in front of all difficulty and disenchantment, it believes and it has hope!

You Coach

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Although anything can happen … Choose what you can afford and see what a coach himself. Working meetings with the coach (coaching sessions) can be conducted both in his office, on neutral territory, or with you. In addition, the session may be absentee by phone or ICQ. This version, incidentally, is often the most convenient. Determine which version of the communication is more suited to you, and when choosing a coach, consider how this option suit him. For example, you are more comfortable to hold coaching sessions at your office – just do not have time to travel to the coach, and communicate on the phone you do not like. However, not every coach is working on the road, and if it works, then it will services increases significantly.

This is also a need to consider when choosing a coach. Other aspects of choice, such as the age of the coach, gender and so on – this is a matter of personal preference. And the focus is again on empathy. You Coach inspires more confidence in ages? Look for the coaches of the age. It will be pleasant to communicate with young people? Look for young people. You will be more comfortable talking with a woman? Choose among coaches of women.

You think that communication with a male coach would be more productive? Seen as a major variant of male coaches. And so on. In terms of coaching, no gender and age preferences here. The main thing – to make you comfortable. And the last. Choosing a coach – it is certainly important and responsible. Because of his professional success depends on your performance on the task. Therefore, I recommend to take this matter seriously as possible. But even the most highly skilled coach can not help you if you do not want real change in their lives. If you are not actively working on the coaching sessions, then even the best coach for you can not do anything. Therefore, choosing a coach do not forget to adjust itself to the active and fruitful interaction. And then your coach will work with the maximum effect that you're happy. And your coach too.