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National Broadcasting Corporation

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The concert program consisted of works by Gershwin, Rzewski, Agnew, Messiaen, Roberts, and Scriabin. At the seminars, I kept still talks about various other pieces, E.g. by Matthew Shlomowitz and Felix Kubin. C.H..-L.: how is it in General, to the classical music in Australia? Is the acceptance of comparable to that in Europe? Ashley H.: No, unfortunately not quite. The market is much more difficult, what has moved me even before some time to settle in Europe. Here it is more at the focal point of classical music. But also in Australia, the youth understands the message I want to convey very well: a classical musician can be also very modern and open-minded.

C.H..-L.: they have produced a solo CD in Australia by TALL POPPIES records. What pieces can we listen and when she comes on the market? Ashley H.: Yes, that is correct. The production of the CD is in the works, the exact date will be for this CD release early 2010. On the CD are pieces by Gershwin, Grainger, Munro, to hear Rzewski and Roberts. Munro and Roberts are modern Australian composer/pianist and Grainger was a well-known Australian musicians 100 years ago. It enjoyed very much working with the Chief of tall poppies records, Belinda Webster, together to. Also the recording ABC Classic FM radio (Australia’s National Broadcasting Corporation) were successful and I have invited me directly again. C.H..-L.: if I am correctly informed this was your second tour of Australia, there will be an Australia tour again in 2010? Ashley H.: Yes, that’s right. “I’ve made in 2006 is also an Australian tour with a program, the the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Dutch in Australia” celebrated. An Australian tour is being planned for late 2010 C.H..-L.: and how do you see your musical future here with us in Europe, what can we expect from you? Ashley H.: I’ve increased me decided some time ago as a solo artist and as a duo, and accordingly there are now also more solo/duo concerts by me.