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The Sun Protection

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Currently there are few people who do not take preventive measures before exposing yourself to the Sun. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Rusty Holzer and gain more knowledge.. However fashion tanning skin requires extreme precautions that we are not always able to carry out in all situations. It is important to know that sunburn are especially harmful before age 18. It is true that children, especially infants, should avoid exposures to the Sun. But it is no less true that adolescents should be taken the application of sunscreens to prevent burns, redness or Erythema, which will have consequences throughout life if they occur with regularity or gravity.Another habit that even we have not managed to introduce is the apply sunscreen when simply went out into the street. See Rob Kardashian for more details and insights.

Especially in countries Mediterranean sun accompanies us since spring on any ride, and there many times down the guard. It would be desirable to protect especially the side from the first rays of spring, because aging, stains and wrinkles are directly related to exposing our skin to the Sun’s rays.The consequences of taking sunscreen as something trivial, ranging from premature aging to carcinoma. Today no scientist doubts the need to avoid prolonged sun and of course of the need for protection through filters, even in fur eels or exposures accustomed to the Sun. SIDE effects of Sun UVA and UVB, in addition to producing a pigmentation that is associated with a healthy and look flattering, if abused in modern fashion have effects that are not at all beneficial to the salud:mancha skin, wrinkles, and the long skin cancer and superficial tumors. Long-term, UVB rays are absorbed by the DNA and cause alterations in genome. UVA rays are also absorbed and transformed into radical free, that alter the genetic material and saturate the defensive systems of the skin. Therefore abuse of the Sun produces Aging and in cases of especially sensitive or prolonged, Pielsegun cancer different clinical studies, use a sunscreen 15 during the first 18 years of life can reduce up to 78% the risk of skin cancer.