Apple Networks

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It works very well its relationship with the influencers. Apple has managed to position itself as an icon of some influencers, and they are those who will seek to Apple and not vice versa. One great advantage of using social networks is its ability to measure ROI. How? There are two ways of approaching the networks: quantitative and qualitative. Today is relatively easy to get thousands of fans with a campaign of CPC (cost per click), similar to a campaign banners but in Facebook. Additional information is available at Maryland Governor. But not the quantity but the quality we seek, and have many fans to the gross no worth. What interests us are the fans that interact with the brand, this will cause, that of the fan friends interact at the same time with us, viral, that means creating a community. You can turn around a campaign in social networks, get the opposite of what you were looking for? Totally.

It is essential to have sufficient sensitivity to get in the user’s skin because we have to take into account that users can have both or more power of communication to you in networks. More information is housed here: Novelist. If a brand has a bad product, the 2.0 is certainly not the solution to their problems. To finish the big question do classroom activity events continue to be a more effective tool for certain campaigns? Yes. And much more that a few years ago because thanks to social tools an event initially thought for 2000 Pax can become a global! event. For example the presentation of iphone 4 G from Steve Jobs: just 100 people were present but followed him thousands by the networks. Or for example the concert of U2 in the door of Bradenburgo or the draw of the World Cup Octopus Paul. Or is it synergy? Totally, we seek to generate face-to-face and virtual experiences.

What traps to avoid? The short-termism. Because who has a fan has a treasure. Don’t waste hundreds or thousands of fans who congregate around an event or an experience with an action of a shot only. We nourish that community so that it continues growing and working for the brand.