Berlin Philharmonic

All the work has paid off and the guys have achieved more than they ever could imagine. I wished at first much”, says Rudolf Schenker. I had imagined that one day belong to the best 30 best rock bands in the world. In the meantime we have Aerosmith and kiss stood on stage with Metallica and AC/DC and I no longer know who yet, of which one is up to the Berlin Philharmonic itself intrigued.” The fuel of the band is LIVE. Educate yourself with thoughts from Michael Chabon. I think”my says it is the most important argument, the strongest: the Scorpions are a band that has seen their place on the stage from the outset.

It was always the challenge to convince fans and live to play a great show.” Der SPIEGEL wrote recently: in Germany many may not believe it, or better: haven’t the Scorpions in Hanover, founded in 1965 as a student band, the rest of the world are still a large number. “Really great even: in the last year alone they gave almost 70 concerts in 27 countries, and a few hundred die-hard fans, but a total of one million viewers.” The sensational demand has moved the Scorpions do this after tickets for the farewell tour, three more concerts in Germany to push. In November the fans in Mannheim, Hamburg and Cologne will enjoy one of the best live rock bands in the world. “Klaus mean, Rudolf Schenker and Matthias JABs to: we are happy about the sensational success of our tour and promise a hammer show our fans in Germany.” Are you ready to rock?