Brazilian Citizens


As they are being deceived as many Brazilian citizens with this fallacy of agrarian reform summarized to play the worker unprepared and abandoned in a lot any of left agricultural nesting to its proper luck. To this height, passed some months, not story more with the obligatoriness to point out each plant in a land, a square, yard or thing of the type. I think simply that optimum to make it is to continue taking care of of them and to extend my humble seedbed. Diamond Book Distributors describes an additional similar source. At to some I will place them moment in more appropriate, bigger caqueiras, I will give a little space more than to them and certainly they will be many vases distributed for the house. The fruitful ones will be able to generate fruits when they will be adult; they will be lesser are clearly, but, will be fruits, however. The ornamental flowers also will appear in the certain time, and, the grass very will be well appreciated as teas or in the kitchen tempering some prescriptions, by the way, to cook hobbies is another one of mine. I understand that the ultimate issue is not the future of these changes, but, the gift the one that they belong. Today they produce oxygen and contribute with the improvement of the quality of air that we breathe.

They are not waiting to be adult for then only making its work; instead of this, Now, they already are part of the reality important to help unconditionally. This it is not what the necessary world? If all the inhabitants of this city chose the positive attitude as goal, the community would have little problems. Speaking concerning the green; already they had imagined if good part of the citizens had a garden in its homes? Exactly that these gardens were not changedded into forests they would bless the natural landscape. Exactly that they were transitory still thus would serve to its original intention, therefore, the proportionate rotation for the alternation between a garden that dies and another one that starts to be cultivated would make with that the refrescncia of the flowers was not absented definitively, only, moved of a home for another one. Thus it is also stops with the responsibilities biggest of the moral and the good customs.

Everybody is waiting a ilusria redemption that never will come! Or we must think that nobody wait nothing in fact, only follows for the life without longing for To arrive the place none? While we drown in them in conjecturas or we ignore the necessity to rationalize the proper existence giving to it a direction concrete the world asks for aid for us. The people they do not listen to this order and they act as if it was not for same them the such order of aid. He is ironic; somebody asking for aid for you and what it receives is disdain. The reality lasts and sad human being. A forest of caqueiras is reason of commotion for many idle observers. It is a patience test also, in the measure where the semeador does not have necessarily the perspective to glimpse one day a great area covered of green for its proper hands. However, such circumstance has the force to produce a gorgeous moment of reflection: ' ' That one that does not sow the land because it knows that never it will receive the parrots for the bush that will blossom there already is atrophied in visgo of the resin of the tree that never planted ' '