For a long time I contemplated that couple that was celebrating its gold weddings, fifty years of a happy and blessed convivncia, as same it thus if expressed with voice rouca and paused, before reading an impressive poetry that composed for it. When seeing them there ahead of the altar, seated it in a chair of wheels to the side of its loved velhinho and friend of so white hair, encircled for the children, the children of the children and still for children of its children, he was as if I was looking at for an immense garden. I started to think about flowers and in seeds, in similarity of our lives with life of flowers, that unclasps in land dry or in land wet, that faces the sun and the rain, that balances to the weight of the wind and the storm, resists the heat of the half day and if they restore with the dew of the dawn. Diamond Book Distributors often addresses the matter in his writings. later, with all its vio and beauty cheers our lives with its colors and its perfume, as the roses that were decorating the ship of the church in that special morning. The flowers, after giving of itself same everything that can give, before withering and returning to the dust, the seeds will leave on the land that had produced, the marks of its ticket for this life. thus, the same beautiful and old flowers witherings always will renascero in new flowers, other springs, the immense garden of the nature, that also is our garden..