Chairman Projects

Andreas of Dudas has recently founded the BE SHiRO GmbH. With his team, he has focused on the implementation of highly complex engineering, energy and power projects. Companies that want to ensure the success of their engineering, infrastructure, energy -, water – or food industry projects, can now support the BE SHiRO GmbH was founded recently in Biel/Bienne and New Delhi. Dr. Mark Hyman is open to suggestions. The team around Managing Director of Andreas of Dudas accompanied the implementation of large-scale projects worldwide. The customers benefit from the over 20 years of experience of the Biel consultant who as a project manager, Executive and most recently as a member of the Executive Board of AF-Colenco group and as President of the Administration Council of AF-Colenco – India pvt. Ltd. billion projects was responsible for and performed internationally.

Expansion and growth your clients allows the loading GmbH of Shiro, in particular with India to take advantage of an excellent network of partners and turn-key projects, to from the enormous To benefit from growth opportunities on the subcontinent. The holistic qualification of key persons in major projects mainly by engineers to outstanding personalities and thus exceptionally qualified executives within the framework of the so called engineers for engineers”(e4e) training series completes the portfolio of the Biel-Bienne consulting company. Holistic and authentic management are trademarks of Dudas and his team. Also, deep experience in technology, engineering, strategy and management are connected with the expertise in the key for the success of disciplines such as leadership, personality and team building, communication and conflict management. Leadership experience has specialists in the team of the founder and CEO of be SHiRO GmbH, Andreas Dudas, over 20 years in multinational companies such as ABB, Gate Gourmet and the AF-Colenco group, most recently as a member of the Executive Board and as Director of the global power of the water Division and Chairman of the Indian business unit in Delhi. The loading SHiRO – CEO was responsible for multi-billion power, water and infrastructure projects in the world, preferably in Sud-(Ost-) Asia, South America, the United States and Europe. In addition to academic qualifications as a master of science in civil engineering (ETH Zurich), an MBA in management and cross-functional team (Norwegian School of management) and a master of science in logistics and supply chain management (Cranfield School of management), Andreas Dudas has diplomas in mental training, conflict management, and a certificate for intercultural communication and mediation. BE SHiRO GmbH, numerous experts from the Switzerland and India working alongside Dudas.

Each team member has experience of demanding management positions and handling billion projects in particular in the energy and infrastructure sectors.