Choose Keywords

Choosing the right keywords? Today the choice of keywords is essential for search engine optimization, keyword position but actually attract potential customers can be a difficult task in terms of resources and time. An example of a keyword that could be used for a web design company that will attract potential customers but with very little competition, it is a keyword that has an average of 90 searches per month which has a 10% competition, when to choose the keywords to consider several factors such as competition from the keyword search volume per month and attracting potential customers. We have to identify the keywords that make our clients and us that we should not be competing with most companies in the same sector. We should not underestimate the keywords that only have one monthly search volume of 10 people, why?

Very simple, imagine that your website comes in the premium position for the keyword, these are 10 monthly searches 10 visits from potential customers who do not have to compete with a large volume of business. For example if you only compete for one keyword, web design and professional web design, first cost us a lot to reach the top and once reached the first position, we will have to compete with the top 20 results, not only compete with the 20 but in addition, companies compete for a generic keyword which has a lot of competition, meaning that sometimes we have to identify more key words that are not as generic but they can actually provide better results in terms of search engine optimization and customers. Tool to use for the selection of keywords is free. Please visit Michael Chabon if you seek more information. and.