Christmas Eve

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Children zombies, the survival of Santa Claus is a new Christmas online game, which belongs to the category of shooting games, requiring quick reactions of the player. Here you play for Santa and have to survive the fight with children zombies. Shooting games have never been so exciting! Is approaching Christmas! Santa Claus was preparing adequately to distribute the regagol. He was preparing for your trip aual on Christmas Eve, Santa dreamed of small children, who slept peacefully in their beds, while I was down by the fireplace and put candy in socks hanging above their fireplaces and put gifts under beautiful Christmas trees. But he had no idea of the following events! Or in their peopres nightmares could imagine meeting with zombie children and that the whole Christmas would become a most horrible nightmare! This Christmas will become a real survival for Santa! In this completely free shooting game, your main objective is fight against crowds of zombies and try to survive.

Shoot the zombie children mercilessly. Do not look, children who are children zombies are even more bloodthirsty! They just need fresh blood and flesh of Santa Claus. Please note, that in each level your number will grow and then going to fight large crowds of zombies. Be careful, they appear everywhere and will try to encircle you and devour you. The last levels can be extremely difficult. Collect the weapons that remain after zombies. In this incredible game free online you must use A, W, D, S to change the direction of movement, the space key to hit children zombies with your bag, and the left mouse button to go back. Children zombies, the survival of Santa Claus offers a good pasotiempo, especially for all the lovers of the shooting games. You definitely gustaras! Be cruel and ruthless playing this new game free online!