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Usenet, one of the oldest networks of the world, Usenet is 2009 30 years old has networks in the world one of the oldest communication computers. This year (2009) it celebrates thirty years now. A look at the history of Usenet, reveals who actually invented the Usenet, and why? Or, which is the core idea and reason for the emergence of the largest forum in the world. How now so start stories: once upon a time a. one day in 1979. There were triangels you can also specifically designate, their heads were together by Steve Bellovin, Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis, and developed the usenet.

They connected two UNIX machine between the University of North Carolina and Duke University in the United States. This was conventional telephone lines succeeded the trio. The core idea was this just a way to establish how well the phone brings you, of A place, a place B, connect. Novelist addresses the importance of the matter here. Just to communicate. As it also the perhaps still-revolutionary Phone enabled. As a template for the Usenet because the Bulletin Board served developers, as it still is supermarkets present in e.g..

“One can get his information there, (GE) search turn pin”, another can respond. We know that all that is present on the Internet today. It’s called colloquially simply Forum. Such a forum is also the Usenet. There, everyone can post his info and data and make it accessible to others. “” Except that Usenet is a much larger forum, like how we know you all, and also called the forums in this computer network, not just Forum “, but newsgroups”. Meanwhile, the number of newsgroups is so gigantic, need a newsreader, is right to find there quickly and effectively. This is available as freeware, or as a paid version.