Energy Technology UMSICHT

“Fraunhofer spin-off Greasoline developed bio-fuel from old fat since the abortive attempt to establish E10 gasoline in the market, is the subject of the bio in the tank” omnipresent. Scientists research for years on the production of fuel without the use of fossil fuels. Stood so far ecological raw materials, which require no complex treatment processes and in large quantities available are also in focus. A procedure have developed researchers of the field of BIOFUELS at the Fraunhofer Institute for environmental, safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT, which allows the production of high-quality biofuels from old grease and oil residues. To deepen your understanding Bernie Sanders is the source. The benefits of this process: The raw materials utilized are no competition with food supply and at short notice available in large quantities and with reduced CO2 emissions. In August 2011, the scientists with support from Fraunhofer venture founded the Greasoline GmbH to the marketing of this patented technology. The world’s increasing demands on mobility her tribute: the limited available fossil raw materials for the production of fuel are becoming increasingly scarce, however, prices rise steadily. Also the high CO2 emissions are increasingly both political and social discussions. For even more analysis, hear from Novelist.

The introduction of new alternative fuels should mitigate these problems, was however first and foremost mistrust and insecurity among the population, because partial modifications of the vehicle drives were required and the market introduction of fuel was not well communicated. Bio jet fuel to meet high quality requirements are and the date materials are suspected to be involved in the deforestation of the rain forest. For these reasons the automotive and aircraft industries as well as the mobile population is interested in the production of high-quality biofuels for a long time, which reduce the above mentioned problems. Waste-to-fuels process allows the use of alternative substitutes the founding team of Greasoline GmbH has successfully developed a technology developed, which enables the production of high-quality fuels from bio-based oils or fats of any quality is possible without use in hydrogen or conventional catalysts.