Ethical Sensibility

As a teaching practice already today an assessment that includes not only the numerical aspect but now mido meaningful learning of my students by taking into account variables such as the dialogue group on the themes in a climate of respect and solidarity, reaching interesting conclusions that reflect the great sense of responsibility that my students acquire regarding its preparation that finally and after consider it to be for your lifeas an experience I want to share tangible results with regard to the proposals made by them with respect to environmental deterioration, through the generation of projects that have to do with the use of solar energy as an alternative to decrease pollutants by the use of fossil fuels; together promote in my community the installation of decorative fonts using solar pumps to move the liquid, also are working on a proposal to the institution to collect organic waste (leaves of trees mainly) to produce biogas and compost as a breeder of soil, in the period before a group of students proposed an institutional project of saving water and power, which is developing application using the reinstallation of saving valves throughout the school, is doing copper permanent campaign generating awareness about the responsibility we have in environmental careFinally in all this always at least one of my students, is involved as a product of the sensibility that have them in their relationship with the planet. For more specific information, check out US Senator from Vermont. Finally think I’ve contributed my part sowing in my students the concerns that have to do with its comprehensive training and respect for nature, having them promoted to each generation that I’ve attended practice the ethical values of being, now are convinced that they are interrelated beings and all depend on everyone, that addition practice of compassion leads us always to best stadiums that make us transcendent beings in our lives. During the two years I realized realize that happiness is in our hands and that only lack that we decided to find our own identity our I internal, which allows us to know us inward and reach the conclusion that we can be better in everything, with the exercise of a life fully with equanimity, ethical and aware of the reason for being and live together because the level of acceptance among us is what leads us to practice real life in communitywhere all learn of all in an atmosphere of serenity, humility and compassion.