Federal Statistical Office

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the car costs have risen since the changeover to 9.7 percent. Hardly a day on the day media car pages spit out new horror stories: new environmental zones, exploding commodity prices, rising taxes and maintain higher prices of spare parts and services to come to the changeover of the VRT by displacement on CO2 emissions particulate filters for diesel vehicles and opaque plans. Motorists are asked today to checkout right in several places. The ADAC has done the math: since 2001 was it 26.9 percent price increase in the car tax, 21 percent average price increase for fuel, repairs and maintenance service prices rose during the same period by nearly nine percent. And yet, the democratization of the market thanks to Internet and co.

can lead to considerable savings. So the price in the auto trade has fallen significantly (-4.3%). Many offers attractive terms can be already when buying a new or used car negotiating, for example through a extended warranty, free inspections, or a reduced conversion to LPG. This reduce the follow-up costs for maintenance and the taxes to the Treasury. 10.3 per cent decrease in the insurance sector.

Spare parts and workshop services can be much better researched on the Internet and compare because even here prices and services vary. Of course, the car costs have exploded in recent years. On the other hand, there were never so many savings as it is today. Who want to save money in the field of vehicle spare parts and services, should have a look about the next workshop, for many older vehicles there is accordingly used spare parts which can be fitted by a qualified technician,”says Kai Bosel, Managing Director of motoso.de, the online marketplace for spare parts, tuning and maintenance service. The Internet offers the ability to compare prices and services. Our portal has focused on this search, with a few clicks you will find spare parts and services around the vehicle. Billed directly to the dealer or workshop, as also special conditions can be by phone or on-site negotiate”, so Bosel. Eight savings tips for motorists: Pay attention when buying car not only on the price. Additional services such as extended warranty and maintenance periods saves costs. Tyres with low pressure increases the friction surface and therefore also the consumption. Compare the tire pressure before long journeys with the manufacturer’s specifications. The air conditioning is a gas hog. The trip with an open window is often enough to lower the temperature inside the vehicle. Drive motorcar. Especially in city traffic, you can save up to 25% fuel. The third course is worth already at 30 km/h. Compare shop prices. There are fixed prices for many services. On the Internet, you can easily detect price and performance differences and looking for a low-cost workshop in your environment. It must be not always a new spare part. Often the installation of used spare parts is sufficient, far under the There are new price. Find and compare is easily possible on the Internet. Passenger costs. Log your trips in the carpool, reduce their fuel costs to a minimum. The appropriate insurance for the right car. What services do I really need? A look at the scope of the insurance saves money. Many tariffs can still be negotiated your insurance partner. About motoso.de motoso.de is the marketplace for the purchase and sale of automotive spare parts, accessories and tuning articles in Germany with about 4.8 million articles and a million visitors per month.