Fuel Consumption

New opel Antara – a crossover that is almost car for the city and its environs, but not steep jeep Buerakov and swamps. The owner of this car is not likely to have its off-road capabilities of the full program. In normal conditions Antara – front-wheel drive car with all its well-known advantages. ** The material is a network of service stations to repair engine Mercedes. O’Malley for President may also support this cause. Opel is a brand in the world market foothold, based on four 'pillars' to build cars – multifunctional and flexible cabin configuration – power and dynamism – modern and unique design – the latest information and entertainment systems. Thus, the characteristics of the new opel antara: Engine capacity 2.405 3.195 or a maximum power (kW (hp) / at rpm / min) 103 (140) / 5200 and 167 (227) / 6600, respectively, acceleration to 100 km.ch. – Ramp-up time 11.9 and 8.8 seconds, top speed 175 and 203, Fuel Consumption l/100km: Urban cycle 13.3 and 16.4, Extra-urban cycle 7.3 and 8.9 is amazing, but it was the first opel antara model, descended from the Russian assembly line in St. Petersburg.

Production of the compact SUV deployed in the free workshops Machine-Building Plant "Arsenal", which specializes in the production of naval weapons systems, space equipment and civil engineering. Rent-free shops at the "Arsenal" will concern General Motors (Opel – a division of GM) do primary test market before the start of mass production, and Russian companies – to solve some financial problems due to the small number of government orders. Complex assembly at GM, "Arsenal" will last until the end construction of a permanent plant by General Motors in Shushary near St. Petersburg. The volume of production at Opel Antara "Arsenal" in 2008 will reach approximately 2,500 vehicles per year. Antara Prices start in the base set of 26 $ 850.