General Register


Among the colleges are: Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Information Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities, Economics and Law. Here the faculties of prestigious professors have been able to ensure the discharge of thousands of professionals. According to the General Register of Title have been graduated by July 2007, Young 7403, meeting also with the duty of solidarity for the preparation of many students from over 27 nationalities. a Today, the University of Ciego de avila projects its image to respond effectively to the security of their most basic principles: Capacity Methodological, Technical and Scientific challenges is achieved in advancing the pursuit of excellence … a The importance of the work is that it is resource for all students of different nationalities and the group of workers at the University of Ciego de avila. It proposes a set of actions that not only strengthen the level of disclosure of the Committee for Liberation in the University Community, but will be extended to the University Venues of the Province to facilitate the subsequent establishment of a committee in the same and a near future a provincial level to strengthen the struggle for the liberation of these young people in the territory avileno. For pictures of the Party and State as well as for the population, to learn more thoroughly on the case of the Cuban Five. The research will provide theoretical elements of great interest to our students, historians, political, social, cultural, international organizations and others who need to know the truth about the process they have undergone the Cuban Five.