Global Financial Crisis


Ivanildo S. Da Silva. I am not economist, but I am (also had the profession), to some time reading and giving attention in what it is happening with the global economy. Innumerable articles for there exist that they explain what is happening, but few speak in a clear and simple way so that all we, mere mortals, understand what it is happening in fact. I go to try to explain in a simplria way what it happened to all give this agitation in the world-wide economy. Real estate crisis Everything started with the real estate crisis of U.S.A. This crisis started for there because the banks were offering much home loans, stimulating very the sector. That they did not only demand much analysis of the customers, finding that would be enough to charge interests higher to protect themselves of the insolvency and to increase its profit.

Only that the shot left for culatra& As much credit in the square existed, the Americans had been to the happy and contented purchases because they were acquiring its proper house. Only that with this, the price of the property went up much and arrived at the point that immovable that originally they were valid US$ 80 a thousand were being vendidos for US$ 200 a thousand. What it happened?