But as Zapatero has been doing antics and pushing the leg into all the assumptions and possible aspects, people from their Governments that wanted to continue to maintain a certain degree of dignity and respect, have left them, and those people we could say that they were the best of their various Governments. From his first Government, making a football analogy we could say that they were the holders of first division, have gone through to see how were replaced by computer reservations in first division, to then see how they spent playing second division, and in a very short time politicians of third, the regional and now or now with the current politicians happens as when children he spent next to a group of guys that were playing soccer and you said wanna play football? and you answered, okay. But until I call my mother to eat. Because that same, current politicians are in their ministries while they call them to eat and with that box of politicians, it is not that we will not emerge from any crisis, it is that we’re going to sink more into the bottomless pit into which we are falling sharply. Only cited as an example of boy, girl in this case, that it plays to be political, but in reality, is not that you don’t know the rules of the political game, but that is not really prepared to dream of playing to be political. This example is Leyre Pajin, and no longer by his youth, 34 years old, but because its curriculum is not to the height that you should to be Minister of a country like Spain, but it seems that that today doesn’t matter too much to Zapatero. I hope the votes of the elections to speak with refreshing vocals and good changes, because another legislature hands of Zapatero and some governments like yours, will simply make Spain as we know it today, disappears. Original author and source of the article..