Happiness Is Not A Simple Thing


It is necessary to distinguish between the pleasure of happiness and the pleasure of the flesh. We agree that these are positive moods. But the pleasure is an experience much more basic. As well as other states of joy and welcome. The ability to feel pleasure we share with many animal species. Instead of happiness is itself a human experience. Has more to do with spirituality and is usually more sublime and profound.

As a source of pleasure we can relate the biological response to many needs. For example are sexual pleasure and that experienced the food taste delicious. But beyond there are other ways in which we are not necessarily good and happy. We may be having fun or laughing at some joke funny. And yet, living a life devoid of happiness.

Indeed there are people who spend their lives looking for fun and pleasure. They like abusing liquor or eat in plenty and unbridled manner. And that added too many festivals, nightlife and too much sexual pleasure without any commitment. From certainly can not say that all these are gloating because of unhappiness. Rather the opposite, but I’m not saying that this way of life produces happiness. What I mean to suggest is that they are delivered to that way of life because they are not happy. When someone experiences a deep spiritual vacuum tends to compensate for his misfortune in the joys and basic tastes. And these may be sex, food, candy, fun, alcohol, other drugs … In spite of the effort to enjoy and laugh, these people do not get to experience happiness. They are seized by a deep and hidden misery.

Because it is virtually impossible to feel spiritual satisfaction when a certain food is lacking morality. Something that goes beyond immediate tastes are certainly needed. Happiness has more to do with the enjoyment of culture, poetry, music, namely, the practice of solidarity. It has more to do with feel useful and worthy. Y is closer to what you experience when you live love, not only erotic but love what and do what you have. When you think about the future and have ideals. When you have principles and is consistent with them. And when you have a passion and a dream pursuit legitimate. With all this, or part, a person may feel happy even in the midst of adversity. You can find out who dies and do so with a smile on his face. That is the true state of happiness. And obviously, this pleasure alone can not provide it.