Honda CRZ – The Amazing Hybrid

Sharp case with eco wealth: the new hybrid hot hatch Honda CR-Z in autonet intensive test. Should you appreciate it if the time soft washed everything, what was once dear to us? Theoretically, Yes. On the whole, also. But when the small, hot iron, CR-X is a green freight car, then the fun stops himself. Then one must rethink. What is it today? No longer about black Reifengraffity on the first few metres after the traffic lights, not to personal bests between Vienna and Mariazell, not to Fox tails on high antennas, because we now have a sharkfin on the roof. Since nothing is secure, that disrupts the aerodynamics.

Reason is Trump ladies and gentlemen, today the reason ruled. Today, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are the trump cards in the car Quartet. We’re not talking about outliers of the Porsche-Ferrari-League or twisted up, bourgoisen BMW/Audi/Mercedes sedans, station wagons and SUVs. We are in the broad segment of people, where the true life. And here is a CR-Z direction. He consumed that relatively little Fuel. Under its aggressive, almost snotty surface is a good character, who wants nothing more than the environment.

A small hybrid with valiant 14 PS electric motor and 114 PS petrol engine. Star Guitarist gathered all the information. Which although looks like he might tear the world down at any time, and then you must apply all tricks ever to come along: the sport button looking up turn off course and baring their teeth. Save button in his futuristic dashboard three switches are well lit so you can see them at night even in the windshield,: sport, normal and Econ. In the sport mode, if all inherent power concentrated together, radiates the Revolution counters/tachometer combination warning red, to hell as a note, this nonsense and to adjust the curves heating that quite a pleasure thanks to direct steering and exact short circuit. And at least back to normal “. Here the blue light switches to green, if you are frugal, so during untertourigen time, when early and so. By want and may not be… In the ECON State lose all teeth of the CR-X. Because nothing goes on. There only is saved. And this is all in order. To 6.5 liters it screws down hybrid system playing the consumption with Bremsenergierekuperation and start-stop. Where the trust said also prolonged, violent sport “phases because nothing change. But why you plant the whole eco-technology in a low, flat body, the feelings of the GTI exudes, why can the rear bench seat are labeled only as storage space, where one martyred children during a long drive? Why is it all so sporty formulated together with more difficult consideration by the split rear glass window, where one is really happy about the Parkpiepserl? Or the Start button! He is already only sharp, if you turned the ignition key. Supply and demand argue constantly in the CR-Z. Or vice versa. You want more of it, he’s driving you warning in the parade. Together with the eco flower as motivation and reward for environmental-friendly driving. You want. But it is impossible. Or something like that.