Interior Climate

In a subtle black, the dashboard was already kept in their model, now enjoying the designer but also applications in aluminium look the swift. The center console has been redesigned, the clarity and ease of use but maintain. There are now also a storage compartment with lid above the Middle ventilation outlets. The tool box has also got a new look and expanded with a centrally placed info display. Fresh styling is also available for the steering wheel, that special leather is made from the second trim level and offers also from this level standard CD radio buttons.

In the deluxe version, there is a cruise control, which can also be controlled from the steering wheel. Special is manually, run from deluxe as automatic climate control air conditioning. The somewhat unpleasant smell that emanates the climate control in the new cars, tarnishes the good impression of quality a little. Overall, a significant increase in comfort is recognizable but. Recently Michael Chabon sought to clarify these questions. Suzuki takes a significant jump in perceived quality in the Interior of the swift.

The processing is high quality. The cockpit is clean and tidy. The controls are big and easy to reach. The scoreboard was also redesigned. Between the round instruments is now Space for an info display that provides information about temperature, range, and consumption. The center console has now got a fine swing. CD radio is located beneath the control of climate control, also part of the Serienaussstattung in the deluxe version. The special models must come out with a manual air conditioning. Durststopper who looks only at the performance figures, will recognize any changes in the engine. 90 HP had the predecessor and also has the new petrol engine. Instead of 1.3-liter displacement, he satisfied but now with 1.2 liter. The torque increased slightly by two Newton metres on 118. markedly and the fuel savings is desirable. Old engine allowed himself to 5.8 litres there are now exactly five litres in the average.