International No Tobacco Day

The discussions at the conference There were two polar points of view regarding the degree of influence the production of bioethanol and biodiesel prices at the food market. For example, U.S. officials are convinced that development of such production does not affect on the price situation, their opponents, representing, in particular those in Africa, say the opposite. Novelist oftentimes addresses this issue. According to forecasts the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the development of biofuels the next ten years will cause grain prices rise by 5%, corn – 12% for vegetable oil – by 15%. Moreover, the number of hungry people on the planet has more than 923 million people. International No Tobacco Day observed 20 November 20 November, in most countries, noted 'the International Day of No Smoking', which traditionally falls on the third Thursday of November. The main purpose of 'International Day of No Smoking', which was installed American Cancer Society in 1977, is to reduce the number of those who suffer from tobacco addiction, involvement in the fight against smoking, physicians and society, prevention of smoking and educating people about negative effects of tobacco smoking. According to the World Health Organization, smoking causes 90% of deaths from lung cancer, 25% of deaths from coronary heart disease and 75% of deaths from chronic bronchitis. Every 10 seconds in the world dies a heavy smoker, and by 2020 this time can be reduced to three seconds. In Russia alone smoking and disease, the cause of which it is a cause of death of about a million people a year.