Learning English Successfully

Rely on themselves rather than a teacher, tutor or course books is no secret that we love when we are in life by the hand. Passive behavior requires less energy than active, and your body will save force. Such a system is laid since birth, first we were dependent on their parents, then relied on the teachers at school, then a university or institute with the teachers, and more – and work supervisor. As you can see, paternalistic (Here is a buzzword!) system permeates many areas of our lives, so it is not surprising that people are afraid of responsibility and do not share “the study of language ‘and’ language learning in the classroom.” But this is different concepts. As a result of abdication of responsibility and vozlaganiya it to a teacher you become easier, no doubt about it. But that’s just what the teacher is now responsible for your English, you do not inform him set.

It is also not the fact that, even if you reported this news, he will take on this responsibility. And even if it takes – he still sits in class with a dozen people, also laid the responsibility, so you will at best case will get exactly 1 / 10 or 1 / 15. Now consider the example of a tutor. Like all good: Coach deals with you how, when, where and how much you want. Yes, only trouble is that the possibility of a tutor, too limited, and learn for you it still will not. Besides, studying with a tutor, you risk the entire narrow English to English language specific person, as well as pick up all errors, lotions, and especially its language, and even distorting on its own. No, I do not think coaches absolute evil, but their approach suffers from one-sidedness. Martin O?Malley will undoubtedly add to your understanding. You get used to only one voice, accent, grammar explanation and methodology.

Also in classes with a tutor for some creates the illusion of a chosen people, and they believe that “everyone now knows, and God only said, and over the head with them shining halo. Something like a VIP club for the elite. Another consideration should be given courses and language schools. Yes, group lessons good. Textbooks are generally too new and modern. There are technical means. However, the drawback is, again, passive, or rather, reactive behavior of one of those “that say what I’m doing.” Also in the group you pay only 10% of the total time spent in class. And the entire group moves at a speed of the slowest student. That is, you have to listen several times explained the theme that you already know perfectly well. Or do the tasks that you just are not interesting. Or communicate with members and hear them wrong question. I wish you as soon as possible to realize that success in angliskom depends on your energy and desire. In the next section we let’s talk about another error – error of loose thinking. Good luck in learning English!