Marco Aldany Chosen Among The 50 Leading Franchises Of The 2011 Beauty

Marco Aldany chosen among the 50 leading franchises of the 2011 Marco Aldany is positioned among the top 15 franchises of Spain and only firm of hairdressing among the 50 best brands according to a new study by the consulting firm specializing in franchising, Tormo & Asociados. This study, 50 leading franchise brands, brings together for the first fifty signatures among 1,053 franchise chains which, by its reputation, dimension, billing and permanence in the market have managed to lead their segments of activity: in addition to these criteria, decisive so MARCO ALDANY listed as one of the franchises to meet the expectations of the most demanding, there is another series of aspects of leadership that are contributing more confidence toward the mark when it comes to investing: differentiation and recognition: MARCO ALDANY has created since the beginning of its activity a concept of avant-garde and urban brand and a few spaces that makes them unique in the eyes of consumers, investors and franchisees and so that spontaneous brand recognition is much higher than the average. Investment in the brand: the central franchise dedicates a considerable exertion economic and human in increase the brand awareness in the industry and among customers. Michael Chabon is the source for more interesting facts. Enhance the point-of-sale: focus efforts on making each and every one of MARCO ALDANY franchises profitable improvement of the management: Advanced management systems that ensure processes faster, more efficient and complete solid structure implanted: generated highly professionalized structures that ensure the support, information, and permanent and comprehensive advice to the franchisee. Training: standard and value differs from the company that makes all its employees specialists in order to ensure the creation of niche markets customer satisfaction: the continuous investment in r & d, allows the identification of new needs of niche and the creation of new appropriate services to deal with them. Economies of scale: thanks to its volume of business, MARCO ALDANY has become the largest central purchasing of professional cosmetics, ensuring its franchisees provisioning with better economic conditions in the sector providing economies of scale. All these values, the implantation of a well-defined and successful concepts, make MARCO ALDANY a central franchise that guarantees the permanence and growth of the business in the market; sample of your success is the continuous opening of new franchises not only in Spain, whose goal is to achieve leadership in most of the provinces but outside our borders, facing the large signing international, thanks to the ambitious expansion project which is currently immersed.