Medical Event


If you are not lucky enough to be considered a "medical event" which, for scientific interest, attention devoted to it, death is likely to integrate a chain of production. It is usually in hospital where he develops a complex collusion between staff treating the patient with irreversible disease. Clearly it acts as if the dying should live, but the staff unconsciously responds less quickly to calls. Currently a patient dies in hospital, surrounded not so much of loved ones, but a team of specialists in "die." In traditional societies where interpersonal relationship is maintained between doctor and patient, and there is still the doctor, the patient is treated as a person dying. Dying patients are useful, have special assignments until the last moment, they remain embedded in the family. The doctor came with his patient in the latter course. Click US Senator from Vermont to learn more. Death is the crowning of a person's life. In modern societies, where medical practice is favored by the depersonalized care, dominated the performance of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary rivers, with loss of the family doctor, patients in these cases are expensive, useless and even socially upset by the agency.

Remain excluded on the health service or alone at home. Die alone or in the hospital. The person is reduced to a low number given. Death is meaningless. Has no implications for the family or the doctor. Is experienced as liberation. Caring for carers. This is not the space psychopathologically justify as generate symptoms, experience shows that it is not enough to chat with a colleague and share our professional anxieties.