If you want to earn money on the Internet using your blog, one of the things most important is to have your blog in Google results. Newbies used techniques that instead of helping them, it hurts them. For example, this is a mistake that many people comment: add your URL to this luigar:, by doing this, it is as if you send an email to Google telling them that not to show your blog for 7 months. This should not be done, by more tempting that may seem. There are many ways to show your blog in the big G results, but these may take at least a week, using this method may appear your blog in Google on the same day in which you created it.Having said that, this is the tip that can help you to re-index your blog quickly. -Enters Google.com – get an unusual search, for example how to make a dog fly with quotes – writes a post with the title how to make a dog fly – write a post explaining how you can make a dog fly using the term how to make a dog fly with quotation marks, and bold ones twice in the.

– Publish your post – have Google ping from your blog (I will explain this below) – that’s all now you you’ll be wondering, how this will help me to appear in Google? Explain you: to do your search on how to make a dog fly you will notice that any page or blog was found with this exact term (the last time that you check there was) and this is because I don’t think that there is lot of people looking for information about querere do fly to your dog. At that moment Google is in search for any site that publishes information on how to make a dog fly. When you write your a post on this and ping, google is dara has that your site contains this information and faster host. It’s that simple. Try it, I did and it worked perfectly. This also works if you have your blog indexed in Google and you want your next post to be indexed quickly and in first place for that exact phrase. Now if you stay with doubts about the PING, going to explain: when you ping from your blog, you are telling Google that you have new content and this goes and looks for in your blog what’s new that there are in the. This is done automatically if you have a blog in which you are using WordPress to publish, you must add this address: to your ping list.

This is done in your Dashboard or dashboard of WordPress, you go into options and then in writing. Down there looks something that says updating services, here is where you will put the address that I put up. In Blogger, you have to check the option of would like to allow search engines to find your blog? Yes, this is in the configuration and then in Basic tab. So there you have it, you have the proof, is simple. If you want to know more about Blogs and how make money tricks with these, be patient and wait more articles. Best regards.