On this occasion, bother not worth it. At the gas station took vial kapnul biocatalyst directly into the gun, and then refueled, as usual. By the way, tankers not even surprised. Not that I'm the first biocatalysts used. They told me that it is better to refuel with the additive in the fuel night to give the car the night stand.

During this time the additive is uniformly spread in gasoline. Well, come on. Sat went. Hour in a traffic jam , no effect on the catalyst is not felt. In the evening, going home – is similar. As if nothing had added. But the next morning, "old lady" has pleased me. In fact, before it runs well.

But for a long time And this time with a twist was got. Next – better. The engine has to work somehow softer. Kilometers a hundred paths seem to be craving increased. Wait, I say to myself, do not rejoice. But the mood has risen, of course. Thirty liters of burnt fuel consumption normal. But on the city roads, I began to feel myself pouverenney. Pressure the pedal once power is felt. At one traffic light, even the Ford walked away. True, maybe there was a sleepy carrier. But still, nice. Previously, after all nobody overtaking. Over the next three weeks refueled with biocatalysts Power Plus mpg four times. Total filled, it turns out, one hundred twenty liters. Check them 140 kilometers. In Moscow, mind you. Found: reduce consumption of gasoline was exactly one liter.