Network Interchange

These services, like others very extended like Chegg, Campusbookrental or Collegebookrenter, allow the students to save more of a 50% in the academic material when deciding on the rent instead of the purchase. The benefit can be greater if the student does not limit itself the rent as unique transaction and also chooses to resell his own books of the previous course so that they are gotten up to the catalogue of available material of these networks. Alquilibrix is at present the first project that offers these services in our country. On the one hand, it allows that the students rent text books, from Obligatory Secondary Education (THAT) to the university, by a price a reduced 50% more than the one than marks publishing houses. These students also can make use of the service of book repurchase by a 40% of the price of acquisition. Altogether, if it is decided on the two transactions, the operation can suppose until a 90% of saving in comparison with the purchase of books by the traditional routes. On the other hand, the service is still more comfortable for the students of the 60 institutes of secondary of Madrid with which until now Alquilibrix has reached an agreement from cooperation through its associations from parents and mothers (APAS). In this case, after indicating the books that wish to resell or to rent for the next course, the student only must go to the facilities of his training center in the indicated dates and give and gather the decided material.

Interchange between families Another optional formula for the students who cannot accede to the autonomic aid or want to reduce the cost of the text books which they do not enter the gratuity programs is the interchange between students. Besides that they become of natural form between known brothers and, numerous educative centers, impelled by the APAS, have implanted this practice of shared in common interchange between families, so that when finalizing the course the students give the books that no longer are going to use and gather those that will need for the new academic course, that they will have contributed other companions. The students of the centers where this formula has not been implanted can choose by some of the created vestibules on line of specific form for this aim, like Changebook, that with more than 41,000 books of all the catalogue levels is in charge to organize the interchange between its users by means of a system of points. Another one of the platforms of interchange in line available in the Network is With more than 30 associated educative centers at present, this application works as point of contact between the families of the students of those centers so that they manage the text book interchanges of a comfortable and simple form. Source of the news: Rent and interchange, alternatives to confront the cost of text books