Network Marketing


Everything else – the pyramid. Myths and exposing There are many myths about network marketing. They come up with: 1) network marketing detractors (most people had been in network marketing and not done well) 2) their own MLM-schiki (to attract business people) First, bring the myths that have come up with detractors MLM-business: 1. MLM – a scam or pyramid scheme This myth arose from the fact that many of the pyramid are disguised as MLM-projects. It should be clearly distinguished: network marketing – it's business as a pyramid – fraud and deception. 2.

MLM – it's running with bags in their apartments and goods vparivanie Yes, there are projects that involve this method of distribution of goods. But you can always find another way to sales of goods and services. For example, why do not you create your own website, which will be made through purchase, which you will then deliver? That is, who on that much if you would like to run and vparivayut – please, like to sell in another way – no one can restrict. So what about any all-out running around with bags of the question. 3. Without hesitation Michael Chabon explained all about the problem. Network Marketing – it's something like zombies or sect Generally people aspiring to anything, are considered strange or perhaps even a "zombie." And, in the first place, so consider people who do not aspire to anything and live with the flow. In MLM the person simply has set itself the task motivated, to perform a seek. 4. In MLM nothing can make this a myth invented by those who tried to earn through network marketing, but for some reason fails to make plans.