Network Marketing Industry

Hello Almost every person living in Russia for the past 20 years faced with the network marketing industry, but few know what it is actually. In this article I want to talk a little bit about this industry. Network marketing itself was born in the 30s of last century in America, and today the industry employs approximately 100,000,000 people worldwide. But in fact it does not matter what kind of company start of the first use the principles of network marketing to promote their products, by the way it was called Marry Cay, and the one who first came up with these principles. And every MLM distributor (from English MultiLevel Marketing – multilevel marketing) companies say that this industry was born, when they were well-aligned two human characteristics: the first – that's what people always buys something, and second, that person every day something recommend to friends and acquaintances. That's just the money for it no one pays. For example: You went to the cafe to celebrate his birthday, did you like and self cafes, and service and food, etc., the next time the cafe is your friend who also wants to celebrate birth and he asks you for advice.

In the end, he finds himself in a cafe, and let's see what happens next: cafes, profits from your friend, your friend gets the pleasure, and what you get?? In best, THANK YOU. Now imagine that the owner of a cafe would pay you a portion of their profits as a thank you for new customers. This is how MLM companies work. Should definitely work. In practice, of course, turns out it is not so in theory. In the real world people recommend to their friends and low-quality products, because according to studies, only 5% of goods promoted through the industry is a qualitative product, and the rest was created only to take people money. Therefore, when working in network marketing to succeed, people must have a sufficiently high level of knowledge or experience that is more desirable.