OCR Agorum

The Software House of agorum Software GmbH from Ostfildern near Stuttgart agorum core established itself on the DMS market with the system. agorum core is a DMS solution, resulting from many years of experience with DMS projects. This experience has shown that DMS systems a lot of energy is used introduction individuals of persuading, to work for a “new” System. Little has been the fact that many already for years designed to streamline their workflow and you are perfectly familiar with the everyday programs and tools. agorum core takes advantage of these individual workflows and integrates each individual perfectly in that document system – stands without it on the advantages of a central document management system – is it decisively from its competitors off.

agorum core is a server-based system that has a huge range of functions. In addition to the integration by Adaptortechnologie, standardized protocols as well as standardized interfaces are offered. The Work on the server is performed via the WebClient, desk4web and the integration of Windows workstations with a Windows client. Necessary structuring will eventualy link, interface provides links, folders, object types, extended attributes, sets (saved searches) and XML. Security aspects play a major role, especially in the GDPdU-enabled systems. From the version history of users to cross-site high availability. Also the search is rather characterized by finding agorum. Anyone who can use common search engines such as Google, can also work with agorum core.

More media are agorum core wikis and forums available. Timed actions involves the classic archive, an optimal workflow engine completes the overall picture by agorum core histories and immutability. This is required for example for documents control, approval processes, and all kinds of automated processes. Plug-ins and integration in addition to one already very extensive core agorum plug-ins especially those that are very conducive to integrating IT offered. In addition to an ADS/LDAP synchronisation, various Adpatoren for third-party systems are offered. Real-time monitoring of server provides security, as well as the external access via USBKey. In addition there are standardized interfaces for scan processes, TIFF/PDF integration, FAX integration, OCR, and much more. agorum OEM and distribution partnerships builds the affiliate program is one of the goals of agorum: anywhere in the world at any time with their products and solutions to support clients and to supervise holistically by competent contact persons. Applied vision is: DMS for each. The agorum sees itself as a developer and Coordinator, not a rival of its business partners. In contrast to many competitors the agorum wants to leave fully the sales the business partners. The construction of the power network based on cooperative partnership and long-term cooperation. The loyalty and fairness to its business partners, the basis of the business is for agorum. Agorum partner wants to challenge the program, successfully in the market to bring down the system by competent contact persons. Together with selected partners, won around the world new customers and existing customer relationships consistently expanded. However, she focuses agorum currently also the countries of D-A-CH. The partner must ensure customer satisfaction. The partner should guarantee the best possible support program. In addition to innovative products and solutions, sophisticated sales and marketing tools, customized training and certification programs, as well as world-class support to open bright prospects and development opportunities.