Polyester is the generic denomination of polymer whose chain is formed by the Association of reasons linked by ester functions: R – C – O – R – O – C R although they also present functions ester, polymers such as the poly (acrylic esters), the poly (Methacrylic esters) and poly (vinyl acetate) are not included in the category of polyesters. Despite responding to the definition of polyesters, the polycarbonates are generally classified separately; the same thing happens with resins called gliceroftalicas. Polyester is a thermosetting resin obtained by polymerization of styrene and other chemicals. Hardens at ordinary temperature and is very resistant to moisture, chemicals and mechanical forces. Used in the manufacture of fibres, coatings sheets, etc. (Thermoset) polyester resins are also used as a matrix for the construction of equipment, corrosion-resistant pipes and manufacture of paintings. To give greater mechanical resistance usually reinforced with sharp, also called hardener or catalyst, unpurified. PROPERTY or adapts very well in blends with natural fibers, contributing to the easy care.

Or 100% PES imitate also natural. Or very good absorption resistance. Or produce electrostatic charge. Or you have low moisture absorbency. Or in mixtures produce much pilling.