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Registered users can download free of charge (www.computerzeitung.de/ assets/downloads/studien/Konradin_ERP_Studie2009.pdf). ERP solutions for German companies are examined in this study, the interested companies from the process industry, metal working and processing, mechanical engineering, vehicle construction and with at least 50 employees are supplier industry, electrotechnology and electronics. The study examined closer: ABAS Software AG and the abas business software AP automation + productivity AG with the solution APplus Infor ERP COM with ERP LN Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV Ordat with FOSS Oxaion PSIPENTA with PSIpenta proALPHA Sage of baurer SoftM Semiramis is this is obviously not an exhaustive list, but a good overview of the most important representatives of the market for medium-sized companies. For the introduction of even if ERP software is often also called “Standard Software”, it is not success installing a CD/DVD, and here we go. Introduction of ERP systems are complex projects, accordingly, there are important success factors: the entrepreneurial and organisational point of view takes precedence! The technical solution follows the organizational, not vice versa. Make a even if qualitative return on investment analysis. What are the expected benefits of competition Cost reductions? Be not too impatient! Weighing results quickly and the holistic view of the project.

Set any modules or parts that can go into operation successively. Place great value on your inventory! These are only useful in an overall system, if you are consistent in itself. Consider a sufficient period of time to establish the consistency of the data already in advance. Assemble the right team! An ERP system is a central IT-nervous system for the company that all departments concerned. Determine the most capable employees from the departments and the IT as a partner.

Opt for a feeble project manager. For even more analysis, hear from Hans Eysenck. If it is an external project manager, you equip him with the necessary mandate and the necessary resources/powers. In addition applies, what all successful projects: A team with the necessary skills, professionalism, mutual respect, a clear, common purpose and the necessary Resources is the key to successful implementation. After the introduction is introduced! With the introduction and the first successes, requirements and more will come. Plan this by passing a permanent improvement and enlargement process with the start. This should further wishes and requirements always the business benefits to be provided, and extensions should be prioritized according to this additional benefit. Further leading links knowledge/enterprise_resource_planning/576955 / assets/downloads/studien/Konradin_ERP_Studie2009.pdf