Rodnovery Mokos

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Listen to yourself, try and let yourself sing! It is important that each of the priests, possessing a unique method, urged people that it can learn each. Immediately conducted master classes, where people learn new skills. People felt a great joy and faith in themselves, when they saw what they do is beautiful to sing, hold hands through live, acquire sacred meaning of the symbols of Slavic embroidery, create positive images connected with his birth, to move gracefully in dances. – A lot of information to digest all this necessary, lay, – shared her Alla impressions of Khmelnitsky. – Exciting opportunity to work on yourself. So parted scope of work, relationships, looking for his half, the future. According to Ultra Wellness Center, who has experience with these questions. I want to live, to live life …

Many people who come to the festival just out of curiosity, decided to become rodnoverami. Ceremonies naming a few priests committed every day. Here’s how to tell about his decision to Julia from Kiev, which adopted the name of Harmony: – In Kiev, I visited the temple as a guest. But not have the feeling that this is what I want to live. I came here to feel what it’s like my soul will resonate with this. Everything I’ve heard here, echoed in me as the truth. I realized that here are these people doing what they want to convey the world – is important, significant, and the world needs.

I really wanted to be the same. Celebration of the festival was crowned Rozhanitsy Rozhanitsy holiday, which is traditionally held by the Slavs September 8 (soon to this day Sunday). This is a celebration of Mother Earth, giving the crop that generates life. At the venue of the ceremony brought a fruit women, girls wove wreaths and wore white dresses. During the ceremony women did three laps around the fire: the first – unmarried girls in the second – women who already have children and are planning to give birth to another in the third – the elderly woman. Rodnovery Mokos praised Mother, bowed to her, touched her hands to the ground. Then rite moved to the sea. Very surprised to have been sunbathing resort visitors, when on the beach, several hundred people in white robes embroidered with fruit in their hands. Rodnovery went up to his waist in the sea and brought the gift of water, fruit, and asked blessings for the year. Then everyone returned to the place of the rite, consecrated to taste fruit and bread. For many impressions of the festival – the brightest. – When, during the rite priests appealed to the native gods, people were crying, and I’m including – said Vitaly Nikolaev from. – These words touched the most delicate chord in the soul. Many of us have never heard such warm and kind words even from parents. I thought about my parents, about their ancestors. After these rituals are soul-searching. I have been in forty countries and all countries have heard national music just in cafes and bars. And we go – disco music. I see that our culture does not exist. If people forget their culture, nation degrades and disappears. The festival showed that the revival of Slavic culture and the native Orthodox faith – an irreversible process, which captures more and more people of different ages, uniting the Slavic world.