Roman Jakobson

The functions of the language in the Bible. What uses of human language are given the structuring of the biblical message? Reference the referential ability of man, unmistakable stamp of its origin Divine mid-century past Karl Buhler presented his theory of language (1934) an outline of the basic functions of language; another contribution in this respect was the investigator, Roman Jakobson, (1960). One of these functions is the benchmark, also known as Representativa or cognitive; This has been subject to many studies from the philosophical, linguistic and psychological level. They are very interesting and usable; research analyze them however is task that exceeds the purpose and extent of this essay. We will make only a brief general comment thereon.

The reference is considered as the relationship that is established between a text (written or oral) and the entities of the world (Brown and Yule, 1993). This function is for some the most important of all, is the base because without it there is no communication. Is a complex task to present a perfect and universal theory of semantic details and psycholinguistic process whereby a language user sets this relationship; of Similarly there is not an accurate description of how the receiver reproduces this relationship made by the issuer and which perfectly accomplishes this. These phenomena are vital in the communication theory, since there is no interpretation without reference. Due to the limitations of this work, we do not delve our observations on the study of the wide range of nuances that this theme offers, we shall confine ourselves to see the reference in the Scriptures using a few concepts that offer us the analysis of discourse and pragmatics in current Linguistics studies. Reference and Formal reference wise in his known semantics (1984) John Lyons presents some ideas about the referent of the words based on the elements that compose the meaning; so a word like cow is interpreted based on traits like animal, cattle, adult female, etc., this reference is obtained according to the traditional method of the analysis of the way lexical.