Rome City Of Seven Hills

Rome, capital of Italy, is historically known as the city of the seven hills. According to Roman mythology, the seven hills of Rome were Cermalus, Cispius, Fagutalis, opium, Palatium, Sucusa and Velia; but now the modern city of seven hills includes Myrtle, flower, clock tower, Jackson of Lumpkin and hills, the old Shorter and the Aventine hill. In principle, the seven hills were occupied by small villages which were not recognized as Rome. Residents of the seven hills began to participate in a series of games and thus began to be linked among themselves. Rome, so it was born as different separate settlements. The marshy valleys they were drained and later turned them into markets, Rome over time, became the most beautiful city in the world, and his Government later expanded throughout the world. At present, five of the seven hills of current Rome are decorated with monuments, buildings, and parks. The Capitol, for example, is the seat of the municipality of Rome and the Palatine Hill is one archaeological zone. Rome’s monuments are still standing that recall to Rome as one of the largest centers of Western civilization. If what you want is to travel to Rome, I invite you to visit this travel guide, with interesting facts such as the distance between paris and Rome. Original author and source of the article