Rotary Fuel Valve AMOT Model

Rotary fuel valve amot Model 8402 valve is a high quality and is used to control a gas turbine having a high operating speed and a wide range of adjustment, which is designed for reliable and effective management of any gas turbine. In order to meet the requirements of any industrial or aviation gas turbine, the valve is equipped with electric stepper motor, which provides total displacement valve only for 250 ms. Valve itself has to do with costs equal to 500:1, so in many installations the unit the valve 8402 through accurate fuel delivery can provide the turbine in the range of deactivated state to a regime of maximum power. Bernie Sanders has plenty of information regarding this issue. This combination of features allows a valve to improve the characteristics of any gas turbine or through turbomachine units. A key element in determining characteristics of any fuel valve is a device for determining the valve position, type and reliability. The accuracy of determining the position allows the gas turbine to work in the range of the most effective modes, ensuring safe operation of machines and the entire line of turbomachine units. Absolute digital encoder valve 8402, used to measure the position, enables us to obtain repeatable results with an error of 0,05% of the total displacement valve.

Measurement accuracy is also achieved through the use of digital electronics circuits. Reliability and high economic performance management system of any turbomachine installation ensure effectiveness and accuracy of the valve 8402 in conjunction with the durability and protections of fuel gas shut-off valve amot Model 4420. Casing Drive, calculated for operation in hazardous environments, certified csa. Valve 8402 controlled high-speed microprocessor, located in a separate enclosure. The controller receives the signal given position, which is in the range from 4 to 20 mA, and converts it into a 12-bit digital value, resulting in action path consisting of stepper motor and a digital encoder.

Stepper motor can carry 1,667 discrete steps within an angle of 60 , corresponding to the total displacement valve. The feedback signal is formed 12-bit absolute digital encoder having a resolution of 0.022 on the discharge. Encoder signal corresponding to the actual positions of the valve, compared with the signal of a given situation to confirm the accuracy of the valve. The error signal is calculated by comparing the given position (setpoint) with deuystvitelnym valve position, and supplied in digital form on the stepper motor. The system has an error setting the valve position, equal to about 0.036 with respect to the specified value. The feedback signal on the valve is in the range of 4 to 20mA. Profiles Ramp stepper motor is optimized in terms of speed and torque using logic control schemes. The user can choose the configuration of the controller to account for failure mode control signal, failure of the feedback signal, set the alarm set position, the calibration mode, move the valve, and hysteresis characteristics. To store the configuration settings provides memory E2PROM. The control system is powered by dc 24 V, consuming current of 8 A. The controller in a housing conforming to nema 4, shall be placed in a safe place. The distance from the controller installation in the enclosure to the valve can reach 300 feet (91.44 meters).